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africa … not yet

Africa … apparently, it’s not God’s timing for me to go to Africa … yet.  I need to be home right now for my family and I’m okay with that.  My heart would’ve been here anyway.

And the whole situation is absolutely not for naught … I’ve met 2 amazing women that I can now call friends!  And look at the beautiful necklace they gave me!  And besides, I’ve already been on a journey … in my heart and in my obedience to Him.

If it’s in His will, I believe there will be future opportunities … bigger, better and more meaningful!

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7 Responses to “africa … not yet”

  1. Trish says:

    You’re completely right, it will all happen, if its God’s will and in His perfect timing! Be blessed today!

  2. That is a beautiful necklace!
    And {{{hugs}}}
    Hoping to make it to the post office today. The boys are still sick though, so it might not happen. I hate when they are sick :( Nothing gets done!

  3. Dawn says:


    and now we will both wear africa around our necks :)

  4. heather says:

    That necklace is absolutely beautiful. As are you friend and I know there will be opportunities in the future. And while this was an amazing opportunity, don’t discount all the encouragement, guidance and help you give to so many each day in everything you do.

  5. God’s timing is always perfect!!! So when you do go— just IMAGINE– it will be worth the wait.

  6. cyndi says:

    Huge hugs! Hopefully I can give you several in the near future. Definitely thinking face-to-face time is needed.

  7. Wow, what a great necklace! I totally want a charm like that. The little dot looks close to where Zimbabwe is…

    I am praying and deciding whether or not to go to Africa this September. I’ve had to say no to several trips in the past… I’ve been aching to go back for almost 12 years now. So, I know God will bless what you are doing wherever your feet happen to be. And, if God put Africa in your heart, He’ll take you there someday. That’s what I keep reminding myself too!

    Good luck, stay encouraged, and if you’re thinking about it, send up a prayer for me as I decide if Botswana is in my future this fall. ♥

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