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29 Nov

one thousand gifts

Have you read the book?  I sadly admit that I haven’t.  I own it.  But I haven’t read it.  I’ve gifted it no less than twenty times.  But I haven’t read it.

You know that pile o’ books that we all have accumulating, but time ticks away and you can never seem to get through ’em all?  Doesn’t help matters when you’re continually adding to that pile!

Yeah.  {head hung in shame} “One Thousand Gifts” is laying in that pile.

I read many blogs that have taken Ann’s challenge to count down 1000 gifts … I admit, I’ve been tempted.  But just as quickly, discouraged.

And then.  An app.  An app to help assemble my 1000 gifts!

Ann says this: “One Thousand Gifts: The Free App …. because Thanksgiving is more than a holiday – it’s a way to wake up to really, fully living.”

I love it!  This is something I can sink my teeth into and partake in … and keep me going til I get to that ol’ pile of books!

And in other news … the number 1,000 has a special meaning to me this week … be sure to come back tomorrow and find out why.  And might I suggest you bring a friend or two!

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