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eucharisteo precedes the miracle {770-798}

piper highlighting verses in the family bible

And He soothes His own restless child in arms with the whisper, law of the universe that He’s writing deep into this heart; Eucharisteo always precedes the miracle, child.

Ann Voskamp, one thousand gifts, page 160

770. in the top 20
771. a morning with my youngest
772. the beginning of Colossians
773. a friend who bring burn cream in slippers
774. record run
775. writing in the rain
776. lessons from king Uzziah
777. she wants to be an artist
778. a box full of sour gummies
779. she’s a nerd and a teacher’s pet
780. knowing I’m enough
782. a family Bible
783. Friday night lights
784. door decor
785. a 10yo & 6yo actually enjoying each others company
786. God’s glory-strength
787. she finally had a sleep over request
788. sleeping in … ’til 7:00
789. concert with friends
790. Scripture diving and revelation
791. early Christmas shopping
792. tuna noodle
793. a brighter kitchen and girls who love it
794. almost done
795. cheeto {the mouse} has left the building
796. the veil was torn
797. He makes beautiful things
798. God’s radio station

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2 Responses to “eucharisteo precedes the miracle {770-798}”

  1. Tammy says:

    Beautiful list. Rejoicing for the sleep over request. :)
    Tammy recently posted..Multitudes on Mondays

  2. Kristyn says:

    Love the early Christmas shopping! I’m all over that. :)
    You’re almost to 1,000!! How exciting. How blessed.
    Kristyn recently posted..words for wednesday

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