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teacher appreciation and a lil’ bit o’ crazy!

So awesome, right?!? The teachers loved our teacher appreciation gift this year. Practical with some funny thrown in for good measure! What I loved most though? It was a no-brainer for me and I was oh-so-very-thankful for that this year. I’m currently drowning in the craziness of life, and no-brainer, fun gifts are exactly what this worn-out momma needs!!

Our school does teacher appreciation on one day … it’s not a week long thing. On Wednesday of Teacher Appreciation Week, the room moms arrange to have baskets outside the classroom doors for the kids to leave gifts. For Hunter’s class, one of the parents suggested the kids also bring in a flower for the teacher and teacher’s aide … that parent left a vase outside the classroom to collect said flowers.

Teacher Appreciation Wednesday was also plant-growing-salad-making-teaching-moment-day and each of the kids were assigned to bring in something to make a salad. Hunter was assigned 24 cherry tomatoes.

One of the other girls had a field trip to attend and needed a “sack” lunch. And well … I don’t know, all I remember was a crazy, tasmanian-devil-like whirlwind of a morning. I was shoving stuff at Hunter explaining who to give stuff to and where to leave it {she also had the front desk administrative to leave a gift for}.

Between making breakfast, a sack lunch, explaining gifts, flowers, letting dogs out, water bottles, vitamins, papers signed in book bags, general morning craziness … and let’s not forget … a photo for Instagram! …

When I finally returned home from school drop-off errands, guess what I noticed in the fridge?

24 cherry tomatoes. Humpf!

{free download available from chickabug.com}

Share some of your “crazy” with me?

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7 Responses to “teacher appreciation and a lil’ bit o’ crazy!”

  1. Southern Gal says:

    Oops. That happens to you, too?

    I saw that on Pinterest and loved it. If I didn’t homeschool I would definitely be using that one. Do you print them yourself? If you do, what type of printer do you have? We’re looking for a new one.

    Have a great day!
    Southern Gal recently posted..Happy Nurse’s Day

    • Southern Gal says:

      Maybe I should petition for a teacher’s gift this year?
      Southern Gal recently posted..Happy Nurse’s Day

    • tracie says:

      i saw an IG photo the other day from a homeschool momma, she treated herself to a “teacher appreciation” lunch! great idea! :)

      i use an hp color laserjet. i’ve had it since i’ve owned the stationery store. it’s great, but pricey! there are great inkjets out there too!!

  2. I *love* your pictures! Thank you for featuring my printable cards! : )

  3. reeve says:

    As a teacher – I SO APPRECIATE gifts like these. Cause lets face it – teachers are usually poor so gift cards are always an amazing treat!
    reeve recently posted..mute button

  4. Lisa Mahnke says:

    This momma will help you out next weekend!

  5. Melanie says:

    I’m so glad you can keep your sense of humor through all the crazy!

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