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what’s for dinner?

It never fails … I’m in the kitchen preparing dinner when one-by-one my kidlets walk in and ask, “What’s for dinner?”

It struck me last night that I’ve been getting overly irritated at that question lately. Why? Because they usually complain about my answer and I don’t have the last nerve to hear it! Can I get a witness?


My crankiness over one simple question and the anticipation of my answer’s response, got me thinking of how much trouble I’d be in if God got cranky over my questions.

Truth is, I don’t always care for His answers and I’ve been known to whine complain a bit too.

And then. Just like that, right there in the middle of mashing potatoes and stirring gravy, I’m reminded of and thankful for a patient and loving God. He listens to my whines, cries, and complaints. No crankiness in sight.

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3 Responses to “what’s for dinner?”

  1. dawn says:

    oh dear… i love how He whispers to you… and then you share… and then i say aha!!! and hopefully, i’ll remember this next time someone asks me something annoying :) xoxo
    dawn recently posted..if we were in the olympics…

  2. You know….I love this post. I get this too and I never thought about how I whine to God either.

    I will tell you what i do now if my kids complain about what is for dinner…..they have to cook (or help cook it). One day my oldest was complaining we were having shrimp with roma tomatoes and spinach over pasta. Guess what? I told him he was cooking it. He peeled and deveined a pound and a half of shrimp, chopped tomatoes and spinach etc. He learned and appreciated how much time and energy I put into making healthy meals. My middle also has made chili and now he loves it (he used to complain about it). It has become my new rule…if you complain, you cook it! My kids might be older than yours but I think if they are old enough to complain, they are probably old enough to put to work in the kitchen (even in small tasks).

    Kim from 3 peanuts recently posted..A knock out!

  3. Uh huh – so glad God doesn’t respond to my whines the way I sometimes respond to my kids whines about what I am making for dinner!!
    Jessica Lynette recently posted..Place Value Game Idea (1st – 10th place)

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