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a walk through the dark :: book review

Y’all may have read {or at least heard of!!} the book, 90 Minutes in Heaven, by Don Piper? In it Don shares his miraculous journey to heaven, and his painful recovery back on earth. I loved it when I read it years ago and it made me yearn for the glory of heaven.

Well … I was recently honored to receive a request to preview and review the newly released, A Walk Through the Dark, by Eva Piper, Don’s wife.

Reading her account of their story is a true blessing. The title itself calls out to me … A Walk Through the Dark; how my husband’s 90 minutes in heaven deepened my faith for a lifetime.

Walking through the dark is something I believe we can all relate to in one way or another. And looking for a way to get through it is something most of us are desperately seeking solace and advice for. Throughout her book, Eva shares her deepest thoughts, struggles, and prayers in a way that’s sure encourage anyone reading that they too, can use their darkened paths to deepen their faith for a lifetime.

The bonus of this for me? Not only was I privileged to read an advanced copy of A Walk Through the Dark, I was also able to interview Eva. Her candid answers blessed and encouraged me and I’m certain they’ll do the same for you:

I’m curious, given Don has already told the story, what led you to write this book?

It took several years for me to come to the point of sharing my story. While Don always calls me the hero of the story I never felt heroic. In my opinion I did what needed to be done, with God by my side. But after years of hearing people ask me “How did you do it?” and “When are you going to write a book?” I decided it was a story people not only wanted but needed to hear. I often tell people “I don’t have all the answers but if what I learned can help someone I’m happy to share.” My prayer for A Walk Through the Dark has always been that God would use it to minister to those walking their own dark path. In addition I want people to realize they need to prepare for the unexpected. Those ideas are also a large part of A Walk Through the Dark.

I smiled when you mentioned a friend kept you supplied with Cheese Nips and OJ. I’ll never forget the day i was completely overwhelmed with life and my own struggles, and I was sitting in my garage crying. A dear friend of mine found me and brought me a huge tub of Cheese Nips! What advice would you give to those of us who have a hard time admitting, and therefore accepting help from friends?

I’ll tell you what a dear friend told me. “When you refuse to let others help you, you are robbing them of the blessing of ministry.” Her words made me realize I was keeping people from doing what they felt God was leading them to do. It’s not easy to ask for help. We want to appear strong and independent but by allowing others to help, even in small ways, everyone wins. We are all part of the body of Christ, when one part of the body is hurt the other parts take on extra pressure to allow the hurting part to heal. It may feel unnatural to ask for help and you may want to resist. I have one word of advice….don’t.

In the chapter, “He’s Given Up,” you share how Don said, “I don’t have it in me. I can’t make this. I’ve run out of gas.” Was there a time you felt the same way? If so, what was the one thing that gave you strength to continue on?

There were many times I questioned if I could go on but I also knew quitting was not an option. I had too many people counting on me…Don, our children, our parents, our friends. Each time I’d want to throw my hands up and walk out I’d picture their faces. That would give me the strength to keep going. I also had the benefit of watching my mother face difficult times and persevere to overcome them. There was never any doubt who she gave the credit to for her strength and I drew on that same power, God. I talked to Him constantly in an open and honest way. I didn’t hold anything back. If I was angry, I told Him. If I was frustrated, I told Him. There were no feelings or emotions I kept hidden. When I was totally honest with God I was given an inner strength to keep going.

Throughout this journey, what is the biggest way your faith has been challenged?

I think anyone going through a time of crisis and tragedy has their faith challenged. Our first thought is “Why would a loving God let this happen?” But for those of us who place their faith in Jesus Christ we accept the fact we live in a sinful world with troubles and trials. It’s how we respond to those dark times that strengthens and grows our faith. I never blamed God for causing the accident but I did question why He would let this happen to a man who was serving Him. I questioned why Don had to suffer in so much pain. I questioned why I had to be separated from my children. I questioned why Don wouldn’t talk to me. God never minded my questioning or the frustration I sometimes vented. He would rather be fussed at than ignored. My faith was challenged but never beaten.

What would you tell someone who has faith, believes in God’s plan, trusts His plan, prays and calls on Him … basically does everything “right,” but comes to a stagnant place of growth.

Years back a Christian group, FFH, performed a song called “Lord Move, or Move Me”. The lyrics of the song talk about how we feel when our relationship with God seems stale. I love music and am often touched by the words of various songs. These lyrics are a prayer. I think they are good examples of how one might pray when faced with the feeling God is distant. Here are a couple of lines I find very powerful. “Lord I know the only way is through this; Lord I know I need you to help me do this.” We can’t move out of a stale relationship on our own. We need to turn those stagnant feelings over to God and ask Him to show us the way out. “Out of this place of complacency, to a place of fellowship with Thee; ‘Cause I am weak, but Lord you are so strong, And I know it’s been way too long.” God always hears our prayers and He will answer. How long should you keep asking God to move you? Our pastor says PUSH>>>Pray Until Something Happens. It may be a day, a week, or longer. We were created for fellowship with God, He WANTS to be close to you. Trust in that promise.

You have three children who have walked this journey with you. What advice would you give to a parent who is struggling to keep her children in God’s light and out of the darkness?

Most importantly live a Christian life in front of your children. My mother always said, “Actions speak louder than words.” Your children watch everything you do and will want to imitate you. If they see you spending time in prayer, they will too. If they see you reading your Bible, it’s a book they’ll request. If they see you being faithful in your church attendance, they will understand the importance of commitment to God’s house. If they see you using your talents to glorify God, they will find ways to praise God. God’s word is very clear. “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6.

About Eva Piper:
Eva Piper is a speaker and author with a unique insight into the trials of heartache and the triumph of overcoming. The wife of best-selling author Don Piper, Eva was the glue that held her broken husband and her family together. Don’s story, recounted in the New York Times bestseller, 90 Minutes in Heaven: A True Story of Life and Death, is Eva’s story too. A teacher of 34 years, she and Don now live in Pasadena, Texas. Visit http://evapiper.com/ to reserve your copy today!

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5 Responses to “a walk through the dark :: book review”

  1. Mai says:

    I’m very curious about this book, I find it really interesting and inspirational! :)Love Christian-based books!
    Mai recently posted..How to Make Date Nights Happen When You’re Parents: Kid Swap!!

  2. Gwen says:

    I do not know the story that Eva refers to in “a walk through the dark ” but I’m walking it in a way today. Two weeks ago my heart stopped after a biopsy (benign as doctor knew for bloodwork was fine) but I have a traumatic brain injury. It must have just said overload. I’ve heard Jesus call me home and I asked if there was anything more He wanted me to do. I’ve been code blue before and ended up high above in the room with what I now know exactly fits the description of a hedge of protection satan spoke to God about in Job but this has been my hardest so far with strange seizures, motor skills are worse, my chest and back and heart still hurt and my brain, which has atrophied in rt front lobe. Responds often with deep sorrow. I was crying. For I hurt. I’m scared alone. I’m tired yet I’m not old. And I read this and I’m encouraged to sing with my last breath….sing to The Lord…Day by Day and with each passing moment…Im so tired now. Ill close. But I’m not weeping in despair. Just that bit of your story kept me from going into the dark, slimy pit but to see Jesus beside me.

  3. Gina says:

    So happy I happened on your blog today (from your friend’s blog) because I just finished reading 90 Minutes in Heaven a couple of weeks so I’ll definitely be reading this. :)

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