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21 Jan

a christmas terrarium

Instead of meeting for a boring ol’ cup of coffee {not that there’s anything wrong with that!}, my friend and I decided to get together for some Christmas crafting! We’d both been eyeing up all the pretty snow globes on Pinterest and decided to do a Christmas terrarium.

We had absolutely NO idea what we were doing and didn’t see any available instructions, so we pretty much just winged it. I found the jars at save-on-crafts.com and we both scoured our local craft stores for the trees, people, cars, etc.

At first we thought we’d put some “fluff” down. But that didn’t work at all. In the end here’s what we did:

  • filled the bottom of the jar with snowflake-type stuff {available in bags at a craft store}
  • cut a circle out of cardstock to fit the bottom of the jar
  • covered the cardstock with our snowflake-type stuff {can’t think of technical name}
  • tied bakers twine around a tree and hot glued it to the top of our car
  • and then we placed everything inside the jar
  • once we were happy with the placement, we took each item one-by-one and hot glued it to the cardstock inside the jar

We loved how they turned out and truly, they were really easy to make! This summer, I wouldn’t mind trying my hand at a fairy garden!

What do you think? Kinda cute, huh? :)

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18 Oct

i be paintin’

Sooooo … I’ve been gettin’ my creative groove on again! And I gotta say … it feels SO good!! More on that soon, but first! let me share a project!!

Well … actually … first, first … let me tell you about my inspiration!

At the very last minute and a kind of 1-800-will-you-watch-my-kids moment, I was blessed to attend this year’s Becoming Conference. I walked away SO fully inspired! Spiritually, as well as creatively.

One of the speakers, Annie Omar — founder of Masion Blanche Paint Company, got my creative juices all kinds o’ fired up and I couldn’t wait to get started on a project.

And then I got home. Life happened. Time slipped away. And I didn’t do a darned thing I’d been so inspired to do.

But ever so slowly, I’ve been doing a little creative here and a little creative there. Just enough to feed my soul, and in pieces that are manageable and not overwhelming.

And then the time came …

I finally had the chance to order some of this amazing paint and get my paintin’ groove on!

Such an amateur I am. I don’t know what I was thinking. A friend stopped by as I was finishing my project and asked why in the world I was painting with good clothes on! I also don’t own one of those paint-can stir-stick-thingys, so I had to use Piper’s ruler.

For my first project, I decided to paint this $10.00 stool I found at a second hand store. {And why did Prince’s, Raspberry Beret song just pop into my head?!?}

It took me forever to decide what color to use. I only bought a few and I just couldn’t decide. When all the hemin’ and hawin’ was over, I finally went with Silver Mink.

Friends … I.was.clueless!!

Do I start at the top? Do I start at the bottom? Do I flip it over and do the underside first?

Rookie over here, and I’ve got paint in my hair to prove it!

I’ve never used a chalk paint before so I really had no idea what was “right” and what was “wrong.” So I just went for it!

I kept trying to stand back and look at it and ask myself if I saw it at a store, would I buy it. For the record, the jury’s still out on that answer!

I do like how it turned out, but I still kinda wonder … 2 coats? Wax? Wiping off? How much is too much?

I realize the great thing about this kind of painting is that it doesn’t have to be perfect. But I do think I’d like to do a little more research on some techniques.

When the girls came out into the garage to see my creation, they were a little puzzled. But super sweet listening to me wonder aloud whether I needed more paint, etc. etc. Then they ever so sweetly offered me some advice, “Why don’t you just ask Miss Angela? She paints really good!” Thanks girls. Thanks girls.

Anyway. I found a little spot for my new stool, put a few fall decorations around it, snapped a few iPhone pics, and called it done!

I’m curious, have any of you ever tried something you knew nothing about? Was it a success? Failure? Did you try again?

And even more importantly … can any of you give me painting lessons?!?

Have a great weekend y’all! I’m hosting a backyard concert tonight for my friend Reeve Coobs, who just released her first album!! {I’ll share photos next week on the blog … AND … I just may have a little giveaway news too!}.

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11 Feb

valentine’s day treats!

Printables by The Pitter Patter Press

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9 Jan

teacher gift :: note folio

I’m all kinds o’ excited to share this project and gift today! Mainly because it includes some of my own crafting! And just as important – it includes the support of a crazy, wonderful organization – GlobalGiving!

A beautiful friend gifted me with one of these lovelies a couple of years ago, and I’ve been yearning to create one myself ever since. Well, I finally bit the bullet and did me some sewing!!

I made a total of seven folios … counting teachers, aids, and tutors, we had 5 “teacher” gifts, plus I made a couple more to give to friends.

I love, love, love the way they turned out! And as soon as I get some more time, I think I may be making a few more … you know, just to have on hand!

{folio pattern by JCasa Patterns}

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24 May

a teacher gift idea

Finally, a pin gone right! We actually used this gift idea for Piper’s tutor … I’ll share our teacher gifts next week. Original source and download found here.

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