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8 Feb

new photos & some randomness

Happy Sunday lovelies!

I’ve finally finished weeding through our recent Exuma photos … I tried to narrow them down, as not to bore you! :) You can find them here. It was the first time I busted out my new camera and I had a great time with it … bum-eye and all. Thank you again Curt, for such an awesome present!

So … we’re in Arizona for the petrified rock show. Gems, stones, geodes, crystals. It’s absolutely amazing … not only the the beauty of the stones, but just the sheer magnitude of the ‘show.’ It’s set up all over the city, in different warehouses and hotels. You literally walk through the hotels and peoples rooms are converted to ‘stores.’ The show runs for three weeks, so these people are sleeping in their hotel rooms and living out of their suitcases for that long. And the rest of the year, for a lot of them, is spent digging and excavating for these stones … amazing!

On a down note … the dino poop is sold out. Such disappointment! Never fear though … we’ve placed an order for some, and hope to have it in a few weeks. Just not the same as coming home with a bag of petrified poop!

Curt’s mom comes out here every year. And since our girls love going to her house and coming home with petrified treasures, we decided to come along this year. His brother and sister are here as well, with a couple of their kids … so the girls are having a blast playing with their cousins.

We’ll be headed home this afternoon … probably a good thing as all three girls are pretty sick. Poor Huntie threw up most of the plane ride here, and then again in the car to the hotel and we just can’t seem to get her fever to go away. Wynter’s nose has been bleeding on and off and she’s just plain sick and now Piper has started with her awful cough again. Yuck!

Lastly, just wanted to ask for prayers for me. I have my appointment with the MS specialist at 8:00 tomorrow morning. I have an unbelievable amount of peace surrounding the situation … mostly I’m just anxious to find an answer. Thank you, thank you for the prayers you’ve already surrounded me with!

God’s blessings to you all!

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25 Jan

charlie’s angels?

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20 Jan

we christen thee … starfish beach

We found the mother lode!  Is this not a perfect picture of two little girls that spend every waking hour exploring?

Starfish, lizard training, moth catching … oh my!
We had a great time.  Great … doesn’t even describe it really.  Peaceful, relaxing, soul-filling joy … that’s a little better.
I have good news!  The vision in my left eye is slowly starting to return!  Praise God!  I still have a ‘black band’ of vision that’s gone.  Only way I can describe it, is there’s a single line of black vision that I don’t have.  Much like if your sunglasses were constantly dirty.  But the vision around that ‘line’ is starting to get clearer.  It’s not as fuzzy as it used to be and clearer than it has been in a couple of weeks.
I’m still trying to get my strength back.  Again, much stronger than I’ve been in a week … but oh my word the kids thought there was something seriously wrong with me after I was chasing them on the beach yesterday … mama gettin’ old!  My voice isn’t back to normal quite yet and I’m having an awful time sleeping.  But only 4 more days of the oral steroid left to go … yay!
I’m spending the day with Hunter today and then Curt and I leave tonight for Mayo {with is his mom :)}.  Will keep you posted as I find anything out.
Wishing you today’s most awesomest blessings!
Oh!  And in case any of you saw my recent ‘tweet’ … the baby was up around 3 this morning, Curt came in to take over so I crawled back into bed but was up around 5:30.  I came out and saw the family room TV was on {Max & Ruby, so knew it was Hunter} and went to take a peek, but she wasn’t there.  I figured she was up with Curt in his office, so I came to my office.
He came by a bit later and looked toward my sofa for the baby.  I said I didn’t have her.  He didn’t have her either.  Hmmmm … how do you lose a baby?
We go looking for her … it’s 5:30 a.m. mind you … found out she had gone into the big girls room and crawled into bed with Piper and woke her up.  Then she crawled into bed with Wynter and woke her up.
We’re talking steep bunkbed ladders folks … there’s a reason she’s still sleeping in her crib!
Curt finally found her with her body half-way out of a large stuffed animal basket.  Sigh …
Huntie is one sick baby, poor thing’s been fighting this for the last couple of days … I’m taking her into the doc this morning, hopefully for some good meds to cure what ails her.  The girls are all comfortably snuggled in watching Tinkerbell right now.
I do. not. want. to get this day started … E-X-U-M-A where are you??!??!!!

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19 Jan

lizard training

I wasn’t lying.

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18 Jan

another day of photos …

We’re having a great time.  Just what the doctor ordered … I only wish we could stay forever.
Yesterday we took the boat over to a windless cove and spent a few hours playing in the water and sand.
Here are the girls on the way to the boat.

On the boat.

Piper …
I love a good foot shot!  I only wish I had gotten the great shriveled up raisin feet shot on the way back … couldn’t, as I was holding a sleeping baby.
The girls start exploring immediately.
I tried to have the girls do the classic Me Ra ‘fake laugh’ that I recently learned … I think we need more practice.
Piper exploring the water.
Wynter checking things out.
Hunter in her giant sand swimming pool {a dad standard on the beach scene}.
There’s something about seeing jewelry on one of my girls, that makes me feel like they are growing up so fast.  Piper got this bracelet in Mexico and hasn’t taken it off since.
And of course, the nap of the century.
Then some awesome lizard catching and training all afternoon.  Seriously.
The girls relaxing with their lizards and a freshly cut coconut snack.
The lizard seriously just hangs out.
An early morning walk with Hunter this morning.  The sun is finally out and we’re going to head over to the beach again.
Trying to get a little sun flare …
And this shot {sort of} reminds me of the ‘breathing space’ photos that Oprah features in O.  This is my ultimate breathing space.
Photographer friends … I need some help!  First off, you know the exposure compensation scale inside the view finder?  Because of my bum-eye, I can’t see it clearly … so have been struggling with exposure.  Still happy to say that I haven’t moved off manual though … I’m stubborn!  :)
I’m using my old lens, which is the ‘workhorse’ as Me Ra calls it.  It’s a Canon 24-70mm, 2.8, L series.
Okay, and the problem I’m having is … I c
an’t get my lens to stay focused on something, and then allow me to shift my camera to reframe.  Help!  It won’t stay locked in for me.  There’s also another setting {but someone did it for me on my old camera, so I don’t know how to do it}, where I can use the little black scroller to change my focus points.
Thoughts anyone?
Alrighty then … I’m logging off and heading to the beach.  Happy Sunday everyone!

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