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3 Mar

and … we’re off again!

Not everyone can hear the silent language
between a horse and rider.  Not everyone
can trust their life with a 1200 lb animal. And
not everyone has the guts, blood, sweat, tears,
and dedication needed to be a part of this
world. But equestrians are no ordinary people,
and horses are no ordinary animals. The only
ones who truly understand this world are the
ones who are a part of it. {quote via tumblr}

I promise, I really was committed to meeting you here more often. But this happened and it’s taken every lovin’ ounce of energy I have to recover from it. And this morning we’re headed off to do it again. “You’re a glutton for punishment,” you might think? Nah, it’s not that.

The fact is, I love seeing this girl on a horse. When I watch her ride … time stands still {my heart too … them jumps be gettin’ high!}.

Taylor’s learning so much about who she is and what she’s capable of. This whole equestrian world is playing a huge part of that for her and I’m thrilled she has these opportunities to shape and mold her.

When I say I’m proud of her … it’s not for her performance {there were many classes she didn’t ribbon in during our last trip}, it’s for her accomplishments, her perseverance, her determination, and her growth.

And one more reason we’re heading back into this black hole of an energy suck? This girl right here! Can you say, “following in her sister’s footsteps?”

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14 Feb

where we’ve been …

I’ve desperately been working on a post sharing all about the girls riding activities. It’s been over two weeks in the writing, and I still don’t have it finished. Basically because we’re at an event right now and it’s taking almost every waking hour, and I haven’t had much down time {or alone time}. And we’re in a camper. And it’s been hard to get to my computer.

Anyway … Taylor was presented with an amazing opportunity to ride an amazing horse, at an amazing show, training under a well-known and respected Canadian Olympic rider.

It took a lot of thought, planning, and sacrifice and finally decided I we’d do it.

And so we’re here now. In Florida. For two weeks. Then home for two weeks. And then back for two weeks.

Taylor brought her two horses from home. And she’s also showing the above mentioned “amazing horse.” Wynter’s showing too and brought her new horse. The girls trainers from home are here, as are some of the other girls that ride at the barn and their horses.

We have just a few days left of this first run. It’s been quite an experience. Some good. Some bad. But always learning and growing experiences.

Below is a photo Taylor and her newer horse, Performance Colorado {aka – Colorado}. It was just her third time showing him and they were amazing {as shown in the video below}. :)

They went clean their first round and made it to the jump-off. In the jump-off, she had a respectable time, but got a rail down. And for the record, that other post I mentioned I’m working on? It’s probably got too many technical explanations … but — if you don’t know much about the riding world — going “clean” and making it to a “jump-off” will make much more sense after reading it.

{if you’re reading via email or rss feed, please click here to see the following video}

Her ride starts around 38 seconds …

So anyway. That’s that. I’ve been wanting to check in, but just haven’t had a chance. So here’s a little snippet of what’s been keeping me busy the last couple of weeks!

Have a blessed weekend everyone!

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24 Jan

a good ol’ country day!

An optional title could be, “The day we learned to shoot!”

My girls have the hearts of an explorer and adventurer. Unfortunately, since we’ve moved to NC, it’s been way too loooong since they’ve had themselves a good adventure.

But all that changed a few days ago! When we got to do some shooting and exploring in the country, my born and bred country-mice couldn’t have been happier!

Sisters holding hands {be still my momma heart} and Piper’s almost as tall as Taylor … which means Piper’s almost as tall as me and I think it also means there’s a very good possibility Piper’ll be taller than Taylor. Pardon my randomness …

{if you’re reading via email or rss feed, please click here to see the following video}

So here we are a-shootin’! Wynter had a spot-on aim! Impressive!! And Piper … well, Piper took a little longer to get the hang of things. A few thoughts:

  • How many helpers does an 11yo need to shoot a gun?
  • Where can I get my own set of personalized earplugs?
  • The gun’s too heavy?!?
  • And after several painful minutes-that-seemed-like-hours, she would finally pull the trigger, only to have a misfire!
  • She did it!!

Is Tay-Tay turning a little redneck?

Love this girl ^^ so much! She didn’t want to even give it a try … turns out she kinda liked it!

And this one ^^ was pretty much a natural!

A day in the country was just what this family needed. And it was a good day indeed.

Have a blessed weekend y’all!

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2 Jan

2013 :: a year in review

Did 2013 whiz by you too? It seems I blinked and here we are … the second day of 2014! Crazy!! Cuz I’m pretty sure it was just last year I was partying like it was 1999!

Things have been pretty quiet here on the ol’ blog {more on that in upcoming days}, but a real truth is that we’ve been pretty busy, busy, busy!

Horse shows, oven fires, sick kids, vacations, and a college acceptance … OHMY!

And while things are quiet around here, I’m so thankful for Instagram!! Being the visual, and creative-at-heart person I am, Instagram is most definitely the perfect outlet for me! I love that I can document our everyday lives in photos.

All that said … who’s ready for a photo-overload Year In Review compliments of Instagram? Ready or not … here it comes!!

We started 2013 in our heaven-on-earth paradise … Exuma

 Then a quick stop in Charleston on our way
home from Exuma
to visit with friends

A second MS infusion

New coffee maker love and — as you’ll see in upcoming
photos — a slight obsession with a new photo app

A photo app obsession, along with a new-found love
of taking photos of this sleeping beauty

A whole lot of this!

What North Carolina called “snowmageddon” …
30 degrees and a small patch of ice

I released a book! 31 Days of Forgiveness … my girls
were SO proud!

Had a whole lot of fun with her

Got to meet these lovely ladies in real life

And was blessed to visit with this
special friend in my life!

Wynter’s first horse show!

Spring break in Exuma

Another horse show

Cupcake “burgers” and sugar cookie “fries”
for Piper’s birthday treat

An ear infection for this one …

This one finds her passion again …

And turned 18 years old!
{this photo is from her 1st birthday}

Hunter is sick again …


Sisters riding together

31 Days of Forgiveness reaching multitudes and
on wish lists with amazing women!

Mother’s Day corndogs at the roller coaster park

Another horse show!

S’mores in the northwoods of Wisconsin

A new-found love of antiquing {my new happy place!}

Vacation at the beach

Horse show …

Horse love

A trip to France with the teen!

Surprise, surprise … another horse show!

School started way too soon!

New scooters

Travel to Kentucky for Taylor’s first recognized,
rated horse show. She took reserve champion
in her division!

My passion for decorating was ignited again

Another ear infection with an ear drum rupture …

And another show …

More antiquing …

Encouragement from a friend with
impeccable timing!

First experience with the ice cream truck

Field trips

A college visit …

And acceptance!

Back at a horse show!

A beautifully blessed backyard concert!

Party prep for a new ten-year-old

A beautiful session with my girls …

And a spur-of-the-moment lucky shot!

Horse showing …

Halloweening …

Another horse show, another birthday!

Yet ANOTHER horse show!
At this one Taylor takes GRAND champion!

Christmas crafting …

Elfing …

Wrapping …

Shipping …

Jumping …

Weekend trip to the Biltmore House

Silly Piper!

Pony rides on Christmas Eve

And we end 2014 where we started 2013 …
back in Exuma!

We’ve had a beautifully blessed 2013! And can I just say again how thankful I am for Instagram?! If it’s not obvious by the above photo dump, if things are quiet around here on the blog, you can always find me on Instagram!

I’m hoping y’all had a crazy wonderful 2013 and that even better things are in store for 2014.

Happy New Year!!

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28 Nov

for my girls …

Whenever you cross my mind,
I thank my God for you
and for the gift of knowing you.
Philippians 1:3 {Voice}


Taylor … my precious firstborn … sweet girl, you hold a special place in my heart. You always have and you always will. I’ve always felt so protective of you and your heart. I want so much for you in this life, my love. And what I’ve finally come to realize? YOU want so much for you too! I can’t tell you how much peace it brings me to see the beautiful, mature, young woman you’ve become!

Our Father has His hand on you babygirl. Lean on Him, continue to trust in His plan for your life, and know I will ALWAYS be by your side loving you, cheering for you, and guiding you through.


Piper, I smile just thinking of you. My wide-eyed-soulful girl. You are a beautiful, precious girl Piper. I pray you take that truth and tuck it deep into your soul and never forget it. You have a deeper sense of the people around you than most others your age. You are a good friend. You’re thoughtful and caring.

The Lord created you for a special purpose … He created you, uniquely you. There’s no other like you Piper J. And I promise to always be here journeying alongside of you as we learn together what your place in this world looks like.

Always remember how loved you are, and how very, very thankful I am that you were given to me to guide through this life.


My Wyntie. Oh sweet Wynt. I thought I had you all figured out, but you’ve been surprising me lately. Keeping me on my toes for sure as I try to navigate your emotions.

You’re a blessed girl Wynter. The Lord has blessed you with some amazing gifts, and I pray sweet Wynter, you learn how to harness these gifts to use for good things in your life … and in this world. Along with the gifts He’s given you, you’ve also been blessed with some challenges. “Blessed?” you might ask. “Yes, blessed.” Because blessed are those who can take the challenges allowed in their lives, overcome them, and use them for His glory.

I believe that is your story Wynter. And I can’t wait to watch the pages turn in your life.


Hunter, my littlest blessing. You’ve completed our family sweet girl. I didn’t know how badly we needed you until you graced our family with your arrival. It seems you’ve been working to catch up with your sisters since the day you were born. They’ve had their bond formed and you’re struggling to find your place. Keep working sweet girl … keep your heart open and know how much you are loved.

You have a precious place in our family and in this world. There are great things in store for you my love and I can’t wait to watch them unfold!

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