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29 Nov

one thousand gifts

Have you read the book?  I sadly admit that I haven’t.  I own it.  But I haven’t read it.  I’ve gifted it no less than twenty times.  But I haven’t read it.

You know that pile o’ books that we all have accumulating, but time ticks away and you can never seem to get through ’em all?  Doesn’t help matters when you’re continually adding to that pile!

Yeah.  {head hung in shame} “One Thousand Gifts” is laying in that pile.

I read many blogs that have taken Ann’s challenge to count down 1000 gifts … I admit, I’ve been tempted.  But just as quickly, discouraged.

And then.  An app.  An app to help assemble my 1000 gifts!

Ann says this: “One Thousand Gifts: The Free App …. because Thanksgiving is more than a holiday – it’s a way to wake up to really, fully living.”

I love it!  This is something I can sink my teeth into and partake in … and keep me going til I get to that ol’ pile of books!

And in other news … the number 1,000 has a special meaning to me this week … be sure to come back tomorrow and find out why.  And might I suggest you bring a friend or two!

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28 Nov

blank rack’ed download

I continue to be amazed at the way this project has spread across the globe!  I’m in awe to think of how many people {both the giver and the recipient} are going to be blessed this year!

Not sure why I didn’t think of it … but a brilliant reader suggested I have blank cards to write in your own RACK … so here goes!  There’s a girl version and a boy version!  :)

Click on each image to take you to the download.  Have fun!  Be blessed!

Original Advent posts:
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rack :: download edition

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7 Nov

rack :: download edition

I’ve been amazed, humbled and excited to see this project burning up Pinterest!

I’ve had tons of emails asking for the download, so I thought I’d put together a recap post of our Random Acts of Christmas Kindness {RACK} activity from last year’s Advent season, as well as a couple of bonus downloads!

You can read the original post of our activity here, and a wrap-up of the activity here.

The girls and I loved every minute of this activity.  It definitely took some time and commitment to stick to it, but I’m so glad we did … we walked away so incredibly blessed … and I promise you will too!

So … you ready for the downloads?  Here’s the download for the “you’ve been RACK’ed” card.  And as a bonus, I put the individual RACK’s into one file, and you can download it here.

I’ve also noticed that this Advent activity has been circulating, so as a bonus, bonus … I’ve put together a pdf of the Bible verses we used.

OH! and I also found a site selling cute library Advent cards that you can write individual activities on … perfect for this Advent project!

Praying God’s blessings over each of you during this Advent season!



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4 Mar

five on friday

:: ONE ::

The girls had a half day of school last week, so I took them to our local museum for a look at the
mummy exhibit.  They weren’t too impressed.  Well … truth is, they were a little freaked out.
And I guess I wasn’t really thinking … they were real mummies.  And not all of them were wrapped.

Given that Wynt thinks a little too deeply and darkly, and that Hunter is just a tad too young …
we probably should’ve skipped the exhibit.  Good news is that it caused some good conversation
about other culture’s beliefs and customs.

Piper was on a playdate for the weekend, so she wasn’t with us.  And the teen was off doing teeny-like things!

:: TWO ::

CJ’s been traveling, so I decided to break up our routine at home and take the girls
on an overnight field trip to a waterpark not too far away … the fun also
included playing hooky from school, so the girls were ALL over it!

About 7:00 Monday night, Hunter started complaining of a sore throat.
By 1:00 in the morning, she was burning hot.  I was the picture of
happiness padding through the hotel lobby trying to get some
ibuprofen at the gift store!

By morning when she woke, she was burning again and could barely talk
through her swollen throat.  So I did what any mom-who-drove-45-minutes-and-has-two-other-healthy-
girls-wanting-to-swim would do … made a doc appt for right after lunch time
so the girls could still get some swimming in!

Turns out Hunter has strep … doc didn’t even have to do a test.  Ten seconds looking
inside her mouth and she was diagnosed!

Anyway … when we got home, Hunt was doing some drawing and did a self-portrait.  When she was
done drawing … she was sure to point out her sore throat on the masterpiece!  See it?  All red and ouchy,
highlighted in yellow …

:: THREE ::

A surprise late night visit from my mommy … treats in hand with a special message too!
The older girls were grounded and put to bed early, and with Hunt’s strep … she was easy to
put down early too.  Sooo … we were all in bed when I heard a knock on the door … freaked me out!
She’d texted me, but my phone wasn’t near me … so yeah.  Good thing she came
bearing goodies & love!  ;)

:: FOUR ::

St. Patty’s Day {free} downloadable card from nellie*design!  Perfect tie-in to our St. Patty’s Day party fun!

:: FIVE ::

A fun, new mini-mag find!  For kids who want to do stuff!  Hey … I got me some kids, and
they LOVE to do stuff!  The download is 20+ pages of fun stuff for five bucks!
You can download it and get more info here.

Happy weekend y’all!

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9 Feb

introducing …

nellie*design!!!  You’ll definitely want to hop on over right this very minute … can you say pretty Valentine printables?

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