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15 Jan

atlanta gift market and what i’ve been up to!

Did y’all know I used to own an incredibly awesome stationery store? I’ve been known to mention it every now and again! :)

Broadway Paper was my heart and soul. And I really, really miss it! Not the stress of running a business while raising four daughters {amongst other crazy goings-on in my life}, but I so so so miss seeing the latest trends and designs in the stationery world! I adore pretty paper, ribbons, cards, and wrap!

And so … imagine my delight when I found a friend who owns a gift-slash-paper store!! Papaya Papers is more gift than paper {right now anyway … heeheehee … ’til I have my way with it}, and my friend Wendy is in the process of rebranding the store and shaking up the look of things.

To that end, another friend and I were able to go to the Atlanta Gift Market with her last week and help her buy for the store. Oh Happy Day!!

Guess who’s in charge of her NEW stationery corner of the store?! If you guessed me, you’d be correct!

I was in heaven! I spent three hours going through stationery lines I love, while finding new lines to love!

One of my favorites below … 1canoe2! Um … hello gorgeous handpainted globe!!

These candles are from a line I used to carry, but they’ve totally upped the design ante since I’ve last seen them. Anthro anyone?

I was definitely in my own little happy place while thumbing through thousands of greeting cards!

Not a fan of these frames … but hello awesome display idea!!

And while at the Mart, we just had to look at some of the furniture displays. I kinda love everything about this beautiful pink get-up!

It was a great couple of days helping a friend while also feeding my paper-loving-soul!

And that’s not all! I’m helping Wendy revamp her website {soon-to-be-announced}, I’m helping out with her social media, and I’ll be working with Wendy at the store {yesterday I learned registers!}.

A few of you mentioned you missed me on social media last week … I was there, but posting for the store, not myself. If you’d like to follow along you can find us here:

Papaya Papers on Instagram
Papaya Papers on Facebook

So that’s me. How ’bout you? Anyone up to some fun soul-loving activities?

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28 Oct

what love is all about :: a concert & a giveaway!

If y’all like parties, music, photos, and giveaways … this post is for you!!

You see … my friend Reeve has released her very first CD {I have no doubt there’ll be a second, a third, and so-on!} and I hosted a little backyard shindig to celebrate!

Before we get to some giveaway goodness, let me share a plethora of photos from an amazing evening!

I’m in LOVE with the art on this CD cover!!

{photo courtesy of Megan Britt Photography}

When I heard Reeve was available for house concerts, I wanted to host one so badly! I love to entertain, but wasn’t sure how I’d fit everyone inside for a concert. After thinking about it for while, I decided on a backyard concert!

With the help of another friend, Melissa from Relish Design Company, this little shindig turned out exactly how I’d envisioned!!

The trampoline even looks all dressed up and ready to party!! And personally, I think every backyard should look like this 24/7/365!!

Every girl loves a good swag bag! Well … at least I do! I found some fun little bags on my new favorite site, and along with some amazing donations, I started collecting a few fun finds to put in it!

Can I take a moment to tell you about these amazingly, delicious cupcakes?! Salted, caramel, vanilla and Reeses chocolate cupcakes! Worth every calorie-filled bite my friends!

I served hot apple cider, and put my Keurig machine out for decaf coffee. Then I pulled some of my favorite mugs from my cupboard and put them in a vintage drawer {courtesy of Melissa!}.

Do you love that big brown-handled box, bowl thingy with the pumpkins?? I found it at an antique store in Charleston a few weeks ago and knew it’d be perfect! Any thoughts on what it’s called though?

A hay bale repurposed as an ottoman {slash} coffee table.

Delicious candied apples!

Oh you know … if you instagram. And hey! if you do instagram, check out the hashtag #whatloveisallaboutrecord

Set up for an amazing acoustical evening!

Photobooth background!

Having fun with props!

{photo courtesy of Megan Britt Photography}

When the sun went down, Megan captured some amazingly beautiful photographs!! I’m so thankful for these shots!

Donations for the concert given by:
– Dana from Happy Little Lovelies / necklaces
Tosco Music Party / stickers & ticket and CD giveaway
Coobs Guitars / handmade pen giveaway
Therese Bartholomew / book and DVD giveaway
The New Familiars / CD giveaway
Megan Britt / photography
Reeve Coobs / poster and ticket giveaway
– Kate of Studio K / notebook and card
Three Angels Bakery / cupcakes and giveaway
Treatz / candied apples and popcorn
Button Bird Designs / pins

It was an amazing, magical night.

Reeve’s voice is nothing short of angelic! We had the honor of our own private “Reeve Coobs Unplugged” concert. Complete with stories behind her lyrics and a glimpse into the world of an amazing artist.

My neighbor caught me a couple days later and asked about the musician I had in our backyard. They’d had some friends over that same night and were listening to music on their back porch {I heard it and was actually worried it might interfere with our concert}. He said they heard Reeve start singing and immediately turned their music down, mesmerized by her songs!

Trust me friends … What Love is All About is a CD you’ll want in your library! And probably your friend’s music library too … and hello, gifting season is right around the corner!

Here’s the scoop:

  • What Love is All About, by Reeve Coobs, releases November 1st at The Neighborhood Theater in Charlotte, NC.
  • It releases online on November 4th.
  • And it’s available for preorder until Oct. 30th.

BUT … you can win your very own copy right here, right now!! Reeve’s been hosting 31 days of giveaways on her blog and today that giveaway is happening right here!

Giveaway details:

One winner will receive a copy of What Love is All About by Reeve Coobs

~ leave a comment {any ol’ comment}
~ tweet the giveaway {but come back & leave a comment}
~ facebook the giveaway {but come back & leave a comment}
~ instagram the giveaway {but come back & leave a comment}

Now through Wednesday, October 30 – midnight {est}

Trust me when I say this is a giveaway you don’t want to miss!!

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24 Sep

orange you glad??

I have this friend who is a creative genius … like her pores ooze creativity {no exaggeration! just look at her website!}!

A few weeks ago, when I noticed her upcoming birthday on my calendar, I may have hyperventilated a little. Cuz seriously, when it comes to gifting to a pore-oozing-creative-goddess, what’s a I’m-fresh-outta-creativity girl supposed to do?

Needless to say, while aimlessly perusing Pinterest one day, I saw the perfect idea for my color-theme-loving-friend!

She loved it!

And the best part about this gift idea? It doesn’t just have to be a birthday gift. “Orange you glad …?” can be asked for just about any occasion!

And seriously, what is it about a basket full of one-like-color-goodness that makes a heart swoon?

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19 Jul

antiquing, decorating, and grand-dad’s clothes

I wear your grand-dad’s clothes
I look incredible …
{lyrics from Thrift Shop}

I’ve been so very thankful for my friend Angela … in more ways than one! But today I’m going to share how she’s rubbing off on me!

To sum it up in a short and sweet sentence, “She’s helped me see things in a new way.”

Quite honestly, before I started hanging around her, I would’ve seen the things in these photographs below and just passed them by. And to be even more honest, because I didn’t shop in thrift or antique stores, I probably wouldn’t have seen them in the first place!

But all that’s changed.

In the past, I wouldn’t have known what to do with any of these items. And now, my head is spinning with possibilities and my heart flutters with the potential loveliness!

Loveliness, no? And trust me, I was so sucked in by the other things I saw, I stopped taking photos!

Funny story, I’ve been doing a lot of some redecorating lately and Wynter says to me, “Soooo … is our theme kinda broken up, torn apart stuff?” Outta the mouths of babes!

Anyway. Just wanted to share that, along with other things in my life, I’m also seeing decorating in a new way … a new light … re-purposing and finding value in something another may have thought of as junk.

Thank you dear friend for showing me how to look at the things around me in a different way.

{^^ sweet Angela with a different vantage point ^^}

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29 Jan

what is no more

I somehow found my way back to my old blog and got stuck there for a long while. In tears. Remembering what was and is no more.

Memories that literally seem a lifetime ago …

I came across many different posts … happy, sad, stressed, birthing children, raising children, the store, vacations, and friendships.

The friendship ones seem to have gotten the most tears from me. And I’m crying again as I type.

As I was perusing, I came across this video … it reminded me of the “tribe” I had. Friendships I treasured. Friendships I never thought in a million years would go away.

A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17

And now they’re friendships that suffer at best. At the time I posted this video, it represented my own “pigeons” … the ladies I would grow old with. We had journeyed breast cancer, parents dying, sickness, children, schools, potty training. I thought I would always be surrounded by these women … limping one minute, being carried the next.

{if you’re reading via subscriber, please click here to view video}

God created us for relationship … “Then the Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.” Genesis 2:18 {NLT}

It’s been a difficult journey for me … finding lasting friendships in a unfamiliar town. And while I continue to pave my way into new relationships … there’s nothing like being surrounded by people who know you inside and out. They know your story and love you anyway.

And yet … with circumstances that were out of my control and not of my doing, circumstances that literally swept the rug out from under me … those circumstances took very special friendships right along with it.

I received this charm bracelet for a milestone birthday a few years back. It’s from my group of “pigeons.” They each picked a charm that represented me in their minds-eye and wrote me a card telling me why.

Even as I looked at each card, and the writing of my name on the envelope, with one look — I knew who each card was from just by the penmanship, or art work gracing the envelope. You know when you know your tribe so intimately, you smile just by seeing their penmanship?

I may’ve sat and cried over these cards, charms, and words yesterday … remembering what was and is no more.

To each and every pigeon who has entered my heart … I love you, I treasure you, and I miss you … desperately.

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