I'm a redeemed child of God and the momma to four vivacious daughters. I'm passionate about finding hidden blessings in the trials of life, living it out in an honest and open way, while encouraging those around me to believe in better.

21 Jan

christmas vacation photos

I’ve been working on sorting through and editing the way-too many photos I’ve taken on recent vacations.  I started with a relatively easy one … our Christmas vacation in Mexico.

There are still over 200 some photos, but I started with 900ish … so believe me, although it may not seem like it as you’re sifting through them … hopefully I’ve spared you big yawns at the expense of my self-indulgence!

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1 Jan

shopping + jumping

Yesterday afternoon, we went down to the beach to do this …

And ended up doing this …

And this …
And this …

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31 Dec

"it’s a bee test!!!"

See this?

See her?

Yeah … it stung her.  But she has got to be the bravest girl I know.
For some reason, there are a lot of bees hanging around us at the pool.  Curt, ever the naturalist, has been instructing the girls on proper bee behavior {which surprisingly doesn’t involve petting them … well actually, he did pet one, but at least he didn’t encourage the girls to do the same}.  And then he tests them when they come around.
So much so that now when Hunter sees a bee she doesn’t just alert us of the bee … instead she screams, “it’s a bee test!!!”
So this morning, the bees are flying around and being pretty aggressive.  Curt decides to destroy the ones that come our way, but plummeting them with the newspaper.  Piper yells that she doesn’t like it when he kills them.
One lands on her chin.  She sits so still and quiet until it flies away.  Then it lands on a soda can she’s drinking from {hmmm, maybe that’s why we have bees around?}.  Curt decides to swat it, while she’s holding it.
He hits it … it falls … right onto Piper’s hand and stings her.  She starts screaming, crying, screaming … and then proceeds to pull the stinger out of her own hand!
We ice it, she’s crying, but lunch comes and she finally feels better … poor little Piper!!

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30 Dec

that’s how we roll …

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29 Dec

great beach+great lighting = fun photos

We had a great walk on the beach and the lighting was perfect for me to capture it all on film.  We’re having a great time!  The weather’s a tad cool {it’s all relative, right?}, but the girls are loving the pool anyway … and there’s always the hot tub to warm us up.  The girls even made a couple of friends which is pretty cute to watch.

Taylor finished up the second book in the Twilight series, and downloaded the third onto Curt’s kindle.  I don’t think she’s read so much in her entire life!
A while back, I decided to put God’s fourth commandment as a priority in my life … “remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.”  I failed pretty miserably.  I wasn’t going to email, or check my computer, etc., etc.  I did decide to close the store on Sunday’s, so I feel good about that.
Anyway, I brought the {cartoon version} movie Ten Commandments down to watch with the girls … they loved it!  Piper loved that it was a ‘true’ story.  When God was giving Moses the commandments, and came to the verse above, it struck me again.
So yesterday, I gave up the computer {and asked Taylor to too} and spent the day fully immersed in my family.  I put work out of my mind as we played games, ran, laughed, swam … it was awesome.
And I can’t wait to do it more …

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