I'm a redeemed child of God and the momma to four vivacious daughters. I'm passionate about finding hidden blessings in the trials of life, living it out in an honest and open way, while encouraging those around me to believe in better.

28 Nov

for my girls …

Whenever you cross my mind,
I thank my God for you
and for the gift of knowing you.
Philippians 1:3 {Voice}


Taylor … my precious firstborn … sweet girl, you hold a special place in my heart. You always have and you always will. I’ve always felt so protective of you and your heart. I want so much for you in this life, my love. And what I’ve finally come to realize? YOU want so much for you too! I can’t tell you how much peace it brings me to see the beautiful, mature, young woman you’ve become!

Our Father has His hand on you babygirl. Lean on Him, continue to trust in His plan for your life, and know I will ALWAYS be by your side loving you, cheering for you, and guiding you through.


Piper, I smile just thinking of you. My wide-eyed-soulful girl. You are a beautiful, precious girl Piper. I pray you take that truth and tuck it deep into your soul and never forget it. You have a deeper sense of the people around you than most others your age. You are a good friend. You’re thoughtful and caring.

The Lord created you for a special purpose … He created you, uniquely you. There’s no other like you Piper J. And I promise to always be here journeying alongside of you as we learn together what your place in this world looks like.

Always remember how loved you are, and how very, very thankful I am that you were given to me to guide through this life.


My Wyntie. Oh sweet Wynt. I thought I had you all figured out, but you’ve been surprising me lately. Keeping me on my toes for sure as I try to navigate your emotions.

You’re a blessed girl Wynter. The Lord has blessed you with some amazing gifts, and I pray sweet Wynter, you learn how to harness these gifts to use for good things in your life … and in this world. Along with the gifts He’s given you, you’ve also been blessed with some challenges. “Blessed?” you might ask. “Yes, blessed.” Because blessed are those who can take the challenges allowed in their lives, overcome them, and use them for His glory.

I believe that is your story Wynter. And I can’t wait to watch the pages turn in your life.


Hunter, my littlest blessing. You’ve completed our family sweet girl. I didn’t know how badly we needed you until you graced our family with your arrival. It seems you’ve been working to catch up with your sisters since the day you were born. They’ve had their bond formed and you’re struggling to find your place. Keep working sweet girl … keep your heart open and know how much you are loved.

You have a precious place in our family and in this world. There are great things in store for you my love and I can’t wait to watch them unfold!

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27 Sep

a perfect world …

At times, it amazes me to find out what my girls think about.

The other day I was driving here and there {and everywhere} with Hunter and Wynter. When out of the blue Hunter asks something about how so many of us got here. Not a “birds and the bees” type question {thank heavens!}. It was more of a “pyramid effect with people” type of question.

I took a deep breath and was about to answer when Wynter informed me, “I got this one mom.” She was sitting in the front with me, so as she was saying this to me, she also reached over, patted my arm, and nodded her nine-year-old-full-of-wisdom head with reassurance.

And then she proceeded to tell Hunter all about Adam and Eve, and the garden of Eden.

How God created Adam out of dust … how Eve was made with one of Adam’s ribs … how they disobeyed God and couldn’t live in the perfect garden anymore … and how Adam and Eve had children, who had children, who had children, and so on.

Hunter was satisfied with her answer — and was thrilled to find out that means she’s somehow, somewhere related to her little bestie at school! :)

But Wynter seemed somehow unsatisfied. And she talked about the garden again. And how they really shouldn’t have disobeyed God. And if they hadn’t, we could still be living in a perfect world.

“Can you imagine that, Wynt?” I asked.

Staring out the window, deep in thought, and from the depths of her soul, she answered, “I think about it all the time, Mom.”

And my heart kinda burst into bits.

For her. For me. For all of us.

“He’ll wipe every tear from their eyes.
Death is gone for good—tears gone, crying gone, pain gone …”
Revelation 21:4 {Message}

There seems to be so much pain and suffering all around us. Every which way we turn … tragedy after tragedy. It’s hard at times to hang on to the hope His promises bring.

For anyone suffering today. For anyone who — like my soulful Wynter — thinks about a perfect world “all the time,” I encourage you, as I’m encouraging myself and my littles, to cling to the Truth found in Romans 8:18, “Now I’m sure of this: the sufferings we endure now are not even worth comparing to the glory that is coming and will be revealed in us.”

If you have some extra time, it’d be so worth it to take a listen to the promises found in this song {based off of the two scriptures I’ve referenced in this post, and also from the pain of losing his first wife to cancer}.

Until that glorious day when all glory is revealed, I’m so thankful we have people around us to encourage, lift, and remind us of the hope found in Him.

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24 Jun

not quite ready …

I was recently cleaning out our garage … purging, organizing … the usual. And I came across this. This beautiful remnant, chock-full of memories of days gone by. Travels, bottles, nukies, ten thousand and one goldfish cracker crumbs, babies … and seven year olds.

Truth is, it wasn’t buried too far under the ruble of our madness.

You see, just a couple weeks prior we were piling into the car on our way to the roller coaster park when Hunter asked if I’d bring her stroller.

What she didn’t know is that I’d already had that conversation with myself and decided her SEVEN year old feet were more than competent to walk through the park without the aid of a stroller. Welllll, maybe her feet were competent, but given the fact that I gave in to her request, apparently my momma heart isn’t so competent!

When I sighed my big I’m-giving-in-sigh and put the stroller in the trunk … Hunter did a happy dance, while the three other girls rolled their eyes and gave me a hard time. Me? I hung my head, shut the trunk, and did a little walk of shame to the drivers seat.

The real shame though, came when we got to the roller coaster park.

I took the stroller out, opened it up, and Hunter immediately took her place of honor. I went ahead and started prepping the stroller with our things {cuz let’s face it, while a stroller is awesome for two, three, or SEVEN year old feet … it’s as equally awesome for all our family and momma paraphernalia!}.

With the princess on her throne, and my essentials tucked into the pockets of it, we were ready for a day of fun.

Until …

I started pushing her.

And couldn’t.

Turns out her seven year old feet are heavier than I remembered and it looked like her boots were indeed made for walkin’!

Can you picture the sight? I now had to dethrone the princess {which came with a few tears … hers, not mine, maybe.}, as I humbly folded the stroller and put it back in the car.

The teen definitely had some fun with this one!

When we {Hunter and I, that is} finally accepted the fact the stroller wasn’t going to be spending the day with us, we made our way to the entrance of the park.

In the end, we made it through the day. Her feet didn’t get tired, and I didn’t ache to have my “baby” in her stroller.

Are you curious about the whole purging/organizing thing and what became of the stroller’s fate?

Any guesses? It may help if you knew of my stroller obsession. And the fact that I just admitted to a stroller obsession may be a clue.

How ’bout you? Help a momma out, is there anything you’re not quite ready to say good-bye to? Something you know should be long gone?

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26 Mar

my heart …

Hunter’s somehow taken up residence in my bed. Shhh … don’t tell anyone … but beside those heel-to-my-ribs midnight jabs, I really don’t mind. There’s something comforting knowing my babygirl is snuggled up next to me.

I didn’t always feel this way, but slowly she’s wiggled her way in and it no longer seems important to make her leave. My reasons were mostly selfish anyway.

I used to do my morning quiet time in my bedroom. I have a fireplace, coffee maker, my Bible and necessary accoutrements all within an arms reach. And seriously … how inconvenient for me to go into the next room so she can sleep in the morning!

But like I said … she wiggled her way in, and I no longer see it as an inconvenience. And instead of pining for my comfy bedroom luxuries, I’ve moved my morning time to the living room.

Let me take a moment and be brutally honest about something … lately, I have been completely and utterly exhausted. I used to have an internal alarm that would wake me at 5:00 am. Up and at’em, I was raring to go! But now? It takes all I have to drag myself out of bed in the morning to get my prayers and quiet time in before I start the day. Some days my snooze button gets a better workout than I do.

But. I know. I’ve learned. If I’m not intentional about my morning time — even if 10 minutes is all I can muster — then I’m basically willing my day to go astray.

All that to say …

Hunter’s my earliest riser and most mornings she finds her way out to the living room for some early morning snuggles, before a little iPad or TV time.

But last week, she completely shocked me! She was getting ready for bed and asked me to wake her up so we could do “quiet time” together. She told me she had her Bible, pens, and paper all ready to go for the morning.

My first impulse was to tell her she was crazy!! Ain’t no way a momma’s gonna wake a sleeping baby before sunrise to do “quiet time.” Not to mention the fact she’d interrupt my quiet time!

Instead I bit my tongue.

Yes babygirl … I’d be honored to have quiet time with the Lord together.

And we did.

Is there something you stay intentional about and see it pay off in your children?

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13 Jun

wordless wednesday :: precious mornings

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