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20 Jan

we christen thee … starfish beach

We found the mother lode!  Is this not a perfect picture of two little girls that spend every waking hour exploring?

Starfish, lizard training, moth catching … oh my!
We had a great time.  Great … doesn’t even describe it really.  Peaceful, relaxing, soul-filling joy … that’s a little better.
I have good news!  The vision in my left eye is slowly starting to return!  Praise God!  I still have a ‘black band’ of vision that’s gone.  Only way I can describe it, is there’s a single line of black vision that I don’t have.  Much like if your sunglasses were constantly dirty.  But the vision around that ‘line’ is starting to get clearer.  It’s not as fuzzy as it used to be and clearer than it has been in a couple of weeks.
I’m still trying to get my strength back.  Again, much stronger than I’ve been in a week … but oh my word the kids thought there was something seriously wrong with me after I was chasing them on the beach yesterday … mama gettin’ old!  My voice isn’t back to normal quite yet and I’m having an awful time sleeping.  But only 4 more days of the oral steroid left to go … yay!
I’m spending the day with Hunter today and then Curt and I leave tonight for Mayo {with is his mom :)}.  Will keep you posted as I find anything out.
Wishing you today’s most awesomest blessings!
Oh!  And in case any of you saw my recent ‘tweet’ … the baby was up around 3 this morning, Curt came in to take over so I crawled back into bed but was up around 5:30.  I came out and saw the family room TV was on {Max & Ruby, so knew it was Hunter} and went to take a peek, but she wasn’t there.  I figured she was up with Curt in his office, so I came to my office.
He came by a bit later and looked toward my sofa for the baby.  I said I didn’t have her.  He didn’t have her either.  Hmmmm … how do you lose a baby?
We go looking for her … it’s 5:30 a.m. mind you … found out she had gone into the big girls room and crawled into bed with Piper and woke her up.  Then she crawled into bed with Wynter and woke her up.
We’re talking steep bunkbed ladders folks … there’s a reason she’s still sleeping in her crib!
Curt finally found her with her body half-way out of a large stuffed animal basket.  Sigh …
Huntie is one sick baby, poor thing’s been fighting this for the last couple of days … I’m taking her into the doc this morning, hopefully for some good meds to cure what ails her.  The girls are all comfortably snuggled in watching Tinkerbell right now.
I do. not. want. to get this day started … E-X-U-M-A where are you??!??!!!

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9 Jan

awesome mom move …

With all the eye drama, I’m way behind on posting this, but it was just too good not to share …

I don’t know if this photo will quite do it justice … but here goes.  I took the girls baths the day we left for vacation, which was Friday.
I must tell you I am a stickler for baths.  Every other night, pretty much like clock-work.  Curt thinks I’m nuts.  Is that too often?  How often do you take your kids baths?
See, the thing is … I have this habit of not combing their hair.  Our favorite thing is ‘messy pony tails’ … which basically means they aren’t tortured by my apparently neglectful hands when it comes to brushing.  And I in turn, am not tortured by the screams of children with much too sensitive little scalps!
Are you reading that as, we really are one huge mad house in the morning and therefore just don’t have time to have pretty hairstyles when we leave the house?
Anyway, so I’m a stickler for baths, but basically because we have rats nests on our children’s head!
Okay so … I really have been rambling lately, haven’t I?  Back to baths on the day we left for vaca.
I went against my rule and took the girls only one other bath during vacation.  Hunter had a fit and absolutely did not want to bathe with the girls.  I succumbed and back to Max & Ruby for her, while Piper and Wynter had fun in the shower.
Yeah, that was the only time I ended up showering them, which meant Hunter never got a bath while on vacation.  We got home Friday {a week later} and I took them baths before bed.
While shampooing Hunter’s hair, I found the above {refer to photo} tangled up in her mess of a messy pony tail.  YIKES, right?
And to really nominate myself for mom-of-the-year award … imagine my surprise when I unpacked the girls when we got to Mexico and realized I had packed the baby {that’d be Hunter for those of you who are wondering ‘what baby?’} only two shirts.  Two!  For a week’s vacation.  And I also forgot to pack diaper wipes.
Sigh …

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