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16 Jun

things i’m lovin’

A few things I’m loving right now that I thought I’d pass along …

New Rice Krispies Treats packaging that you can write on!  What a great way to encourage your kids during the day!

Homestyle mac & cheese!  Seriously.  Try it.

Turtle Chex mix … it’s found me again

Lastly, I keep this snack bin in our pantry and I thought I’d share the premise with y’all.  It’s filled with easy snacks, but nothing too heavy or sweet that would fill the girls up or ruin appetites.  When they’re complaining they’re hungry, I direct them to the bin and they can help themselves to something.  It’s also come in handy this week while packing lunches for camp!

So … your turn!  Anything in particular you’re lovin’ these days that I should give a try?  Inquiring minds want to know … :)

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11 Feb

a little bit wicked :: a book recommendation

THIS was simply a downright funny, fast, and enjoyable read!  Kristin is a spitfire of an actress, singer, and now … writer with quite a story to tell!  Get it, you won’t be disappointed!

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14 Jan


On-the-go-Tic-Tac-Toe game with Hunter.  One more reason I love my iPad!

“my blackboard” app found here

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10 Jan


Did you know that since 1962, Target has committed 5% of its income to support local communities?
I seriously had no idea!  And right now they’re planning to donate
$500 million by the end of 2015 to support education and help kids learn to read.
Click on the image to the right to learn more about their reading program.

The gist is … right now Target is asking caring adults to pledge to read
to the children in their lives.  And as a thank you, Target will donate books to children in need.

What an EASY way to make a difference people!
Giving … helping doesn’t have to be grand gestures of activity or
spending … just take a minute and pledge!

And P.S. … a big ol’ way to be Tar-to-the-Jay!

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5 Nov


Cardstore is offering personalized gift tags!  I think ye need to check it out!

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