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faith in healing

My mind’s all over the place on this one.  And quite honestly, that’s because I still have a lot of growth to do this area.

I’m not sure how to organize my thoughts … so I think I’m just going to throw them out there.

Do I believe in miraculous-thunder-bold-and-lighting healing?  You bet I do!  Without a doubt!  Do I believe it’ll happen for me?  Well … see … that’s where it gets tricky.  And in 100 percent full disclosure … I know I have growing to do in this area.

I’ve had many discussions with my friend Lori {who is currently living with our Savior} on healing.  Living with an incurable cancer diagnosis found her researching and reading many schools of thought on biblical healing.  Stand firm and claim … which we all know we should do.

But what about when the doubt creeps in?  What if I stand firm and claim and die or stay sick anyway?  What then?  What will people think of me … think of my “miraculous” God then?

Living with a debilitating disease, I’m the very first to admit that these fears and doubts creep up on me.

I have a few thoughts … well … probably more than a few, but I’ll do my best to make this easy on you. :)

I read from Angie Smith that she had no doubt in her mind that God could heal her baby and make it all better.  The question was more, “is it in God’s will to heal her child.”  It may not be part of the plan He’s writing.

And that’s okay.  We have faith to trust in whatever that plan may look like.

Other thoughts I have revolve around something a friend wrote recently … she was having a major surgery and wrote, “God chose to heal me through this surgery.”  Sure, he’s capable of a miraculous-thunder-bold-and-lighting healing … we don’t doubt that.  It’s happened.  But instead, he’s chosen to heal through surgery.

And maybe … just maybe … as cliche as it sounds … God chooses to heal someone in heaven.

I recently found out that my body has built up an antibody to the MS medication I’ve been taking for the last 2ish years.  So they’re recommending I switch to a new med.  I’m down with that … the only drawback is it’s an everyday injection {the one I’m currently taking is every other day}.  Maybe God is choosing to heal me through a new medication.

I’d like share something very personal … something that frankly, I was too nervous to share before.  It may walk on the side of too “heebie-jeebie” for you … but I’m going to share it anyway.  I’ll spare you the details and share the bottom line … the woman who prayed over me in the post I just linked to, prayed over me for my healing.  We were in my home, with just a small group of women from the church, meeting for a Bible study.  June was praying over people and they were being slain in the Spirit right on my living room floor!  She asked if there was anyone else that wanted to be prayed over.  I sat still … “ain’t no way I’m gonna be laid out on my own living room floor,” I thought.  “And besides, what if I don’t really get healed?”  Yep.  There it was.

Well … wouldn’t you know how God works?  She looked directly at me and said, “come on … you don’t need that disease and we’re praying over it.”  Yep.  There it was.

No way I could politely decline prayer for the healing of my disease, was there?

And so she prayed.  And it came.  The Spirit of God washed over me.  And there I was.  Laying flat on my back on my own living room floor.

I received my healing and I was claiming it.  As soon as I would feel a symptom coming on, I would tell the enemy to flee and I stood firm on my healing.

I felt great!  Healed!  For about three weeks.  ‘Til this.  Some things happened that affected me deeply and my health went along with it.  I’m finally at a point, almost 3 months later, where I’m feeling somewhat stable again with my health.  I started drinking a new juice … I’m going to start the new medication … and yes, even though I still have symptoms and can feel downright crappy at times {close your mouths … yes, I said crappy}, I believe my God is big enough … great enough … Jehovah-Rapha … the God that heals.

I believe this with every cell in my being.

As I said … I’m still growing in this area.  I’m still praying … seeking … but always trusting.  Always having faith that trusts.

{read 31 days of faith from the beginning}

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6 Responses to “faith in healing”

  1. Molly says:

    I’m with you~ I am SO with you. I bind and cancel satan and pray with the knowing that I have the “right” to take spiritual authority over anything that needs healing and I pray boldly, and then……..the doubt creeps in and I bind satan and I start claiming healing again……..until it creeps in AGAIN! and this is where I get that little whisper from the enemy that tries to tell me that I am not praying “right” or “long enough” or “scriptually” correct, but I know that I know that it is satan trying to push me down~ because all of that is crap! I know we can just whisper or yell to God: “help” but I would be lying if I didn’t admit it is still difficult at times……. and then I realize that this is the war- the daily fight- the “put on your Armour” and be prepared to stand up for Jesus and claim His blood over your life! And each day I know I need to bed fed by the Word, by my devotionals, by words like yours in your writings and by friendships that nurture me and pour love and kindness into me, and the ones that hold me accountable too! Thank you for your obedience to Christ my friend!!!!!!!!!! He is using you~ oh how He is using you to be His hands and feet!

  2. Lisa Mahnke says:

    You are an amazing testament to God’s word my friend! Everyday I read your entries and I am filled with so much more than the day before. Through your trials, and your faith, I am becoming more and more aware of the fact that I need to change my thoughts, my actions, my feelings, and my relationship with God and those I love. Thank you thank you, for all that you do for me, without realizing it.


  3. dawn says:

    my eyes are all teary… your honesty just tears at my heart. with joy, with sorrow, with that oh-yes-i-so-get-it. but i pray for healing… for you. whether or not it is all thundery and spectacular. i would love it if it was thru this new medicine. and i will accept it if you have to wait til heaven, but that is not my first choice (and i did share that with God!) but i tell you what… as i walk beside my friend ann who is battling cancer, and i stand by you (thru this darn screen!) as you walk your path… i get it. i get that God has a story to tell thru you… and man, is it a good one. a joy-filled, life-filled, enjoy-every-minute kind of story.
    i love you, dear. my prayer for healing continues. cuz while He might not, He just MIGHT!!!
    dawn recently posted..if it wasn’t official before…

  4. Ovid Ricketson says:

    Tracie, you are wonderful to love so much, that you are willing to share. We indeed do hear excuses for a lack of healing, especially from Pastors: PERSON DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH FAITH, DID NOT PRAY CORRECTLY OR LONG ENOUGH, NOT GOD’S WILL, NOT GOD’S TIME, ETC…AD NAUSEAUM[?]. There was only place in the New Testament, where Jesus could do no ‘mighty works’, because of their UNBELIEF. We must believe to receive. Our healing is based on Him, and not on us, [Lazareth had no faith, he was dead]. We must command the healing in His name, without any doubt in our hearts. WE MUST ‘KNOW our prayers, will be answered, as BASED on HIS WORD!!!

    Mark 16:17-20

    King James Version (KJV)

    17And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

    18They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.

    19So then after the Lord had spoken unto them, he was received up into heaven, and sat on the right hand of God.

    20And they went forth, and preached every where, the Lord working with them, and confirming the word with signs following. Amen.

  5. I’m so glad you took the leap of faith and shared this post. I believe in the God of miracles, and I’ve often asked God to so overwhelm me that I can’t stand on my own. It’s never happened quite like you experienced it, but I wholeheartedly believe it can, and does. This is a beautiful story of the God who bends down to listen. My heart soars when I think that the God who created the universe cares enough to come meet with His girls this way. Praising God for and with you :)

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