{31 days of faith}

As I walked through a difficult time in my life, I leaned harder than ever on my faith. Out of that journey and my deep desire to share something greater than my pain, I wrote this 31 days of faith series. Through my journey of seeking joy, I encourage the reader to find joy in the midst of their own anguish.

And because I believe in this message with all my heart, it was my desire to expand the reach of my blog and make it available on a larger level. So I turned the 31 days of faith series into an e-book. I’ve written four bonus chapters for the e-book that weren’t included in the original series here on my blog, including a chapter from my husband that outlines his journey of faith.

31 days of faith is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and also as a PDF download. If you’re interested in purchasing or would like more information, please visit the linked website.

Content in the e-book is somewhat changed to format better for an e-book. All original posts are linked below.

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let go + let god {day 3}

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great is his faithfulness {day 5}

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sunday morning faith {day 8}

faith is taking the first step {day 9}

build your house upon the rock! {day 10}

faith in an unshakeable god {day 11}

faith through loss {day 12}

more thoughts on loss {day 13}

eternal glory {day 14}

it is well with my soul {day 15}

faith, trust, and pixie dust {day 16}

know god’s word {day 17}

preparation {day 18}

why bother {day 19}

praise you in the storm {day 20}

character of god {day 21}

why does god allow bad to happen {day 22}

strength in weakness {day 23}

why bad things happen :: take 2 {day 24}

faith in prayer {day 25}

answer to prayer {day 26}

faithful obedience {day 27}

childlike faith {day 28}

faith in healing {day 29}

what if you’re wrong? {day 30}

peace through faith {day 31}

You may or may not notice that my posting days are a little out of sync. I went on vacation at the beginning of October {2011} thinking I’d have Internet service. Turns out I didn’t and that put me a little off on the schedule. I’ll be posting into November to have a full 31 days of faith posts.