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filled to the measure with christ

I’ve made no secret that I’m a fan of Beth Moore’s.  I love her passion for God.  Her in depth and very real knowledge of the Word.  Her wit.  And her ability to share a story.  The story she shares here shows every one of the traits I just mentioned!

It’s lengthy, but I promise you won’t be sorry you took the time.

Now, if you know me … you know I’ve got much in my heart to say about this. But because I can’t top the 8 minutes of wisdom Beth just shared, let me leave you with something to think about …

Are you filled to the measure with the fullness of Christ?  Are you in tune with Him, His Word, and His wants of you?  Most important … when that still small voice speaks to you … do you act?

Join me tomorrow as I share my own “hairbrush” story.

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12 Responses to “filled to the measure with christ”

  1. Barbie says:

    This story makes me cry! I want to be filled to the measure of His fullness, each and every day!

  2. Susan Lesperance says:

    Tracie, this was the only gift you would need to send out for Christmas. Beth Moore’s uplifting message, quick wit and storytelling abilities engage the viewer…she gets the message across effortlessly. End result is that you want to be a better person…not only for your family, friends and community but, most especially, for God. Thanks for sharing–Beth…and YOU–are treasures.

  3. I do love that story and have listened to it several times. So encouraging.
    Yesterday the guest speaker said something that has been sitting heavy on me – “You get to know God when there is silence and stillness.”
    It was an encouragement and challenge to continue to rise before the boys {the only time there is stillness and quiet!!} to spend time reading His word and really knowing Him.

  4. Liz says:


    I’ve never seen her speak before – it was a treat. Thank you for sharing that story. :-)

  5. Leslie says:

    Oh my goodness . . . I’m laughing and crying! She is amazing — and her message was so powerful. Thank you for sharing, Tracie. (Must go find more Beth Moore!!)

  6. Trish says:

    Wow, oh Wow!!!

  7. Cathy says:

    Wow! This is so powerful…made me cry…I had never heard this story before. Thanks for sharing, Tracie!

  8. Renna says:

    I landed at your blog via Pinterest. I have seen this before when she shared it on James Robinson, but it’s been awhile. I was once again moved to tears, and reminded God wants to use ‘all’ of our being. It’s nice to say “I’ll pray for you” (and to do it) for someone in need, but ‘doing’ something to help meet their need speaks much louder than our declarations of what we ‘will’ do. That was beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

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  11. Karena Dixon says:

    Oh my goodness! Laughing & crying. This was EXACTLY what I needed this morning. I wouldn’t normally take the time to watch a video that long. Busy, busy, busy… You popped up in my Facebook newsfeed and I clicked on a link for no reason. An accident really. I was in the process of writing a blog post. So I started perusing your past posts and saw the video. I’ve heard of Beth Moore but never watched or read anything by her. A first for me. I’ve felt like God has been tugging on my heart about listening to him. If I listen, I will obey….usually:) I’ve had an explosion of success in my business and just haven’t taken the time in so long to just…be still and listen. Thank you.

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