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nine.eleven & a boy grows up {repost}

I wrote the following post almost a year and a half ago.  I think today is the perfect day to remember our heros all over this world that are serving our country.  And to also remember the families that are sacrificing their family members for us.

You’ll read the following, so this is out of order, but I’ll give you the follow-up first.

This boy … my nephew, went on to graduate from the Airborne Unit and Ranger training.  He’s 20 years old and deployed just a couple of weeks ago.

There are men and women like him all over the country.  Families, fathers, mothers … like my sister … who have said good-bye and are left to wait for a call, an email, a Facebook message. :)  And to pray.

Let’s remember to pray for these people, our heros, today.

If you’ll indulge me, I’d like to share a bit about Brett.  He’s my first nephew, of my only sister, my only sibling.  Brett has a younger brother, my other nephew.  I have two.  I also have a step-nephew.  But I guess I’m stressing the fact that I don’t have umpteen nieces and nephews.

Basically, these two boys that I’ve felt were like my own.

Brett is the most loving, giving spirit … ever since he was little.  He remembers birthdays, mother’s day, special occasions … and would always make sure he had something to give.

Taylor is enamored by him.  Always has been.

I especially would like to share this … I have a hard time ‘witnessing’ to other people.  Sharing my faith, my beliefs.  But before Brett left, God was telling me to talk to him.  Tell him.  And as hard as this is to say … the very real risk is, that I may never have a chance again.  And I was very honest when I talked to Brett about it.  If anything happened to him, I’d never forgive myself for not sharing what God laid on my heart.

Don’t get me wrong.  Brett’s heard it all before … he’s even made an altar call or two.  He’s said the “sinner’s prayer” … he understands.

But he’s also a kid.  When I was 20 … God was kinda the furtherest thing from my mind.  I had my own agenda to fill.  That is, of course, until I needed him.  Anyone get that?

So when we had our going away party for Brett, I waited til the very end {pure nerves was the reason}, and asked Brett if I could talk to him privately.  He thought he was in trouble.  :)

I told him, explained to him … what God laid on my heart for him.  He patiently listened.  Said he got it.  Thanked me for talking to him.

Honestly, I couldn’t read him.  Didn’t know if he really ‘got it.’  But prayed.  Everyday.

And then I got this Facebook message from him yesterday:

“hey auntie i just wanted you to know that im thinking of you and your always in my prayers. love you so much and thank you for that talk we had in your house. it really made me think and have a new out look on things”


Today … we should pray.  Remember, listen {to that still small voice inside of us}, and pray.

And now to the original post:


This image brings tears to my eyes.  This is a mom who spent the last 19 years devoted to this boy, this man.  This is a mom who’s spent the last three or four years completely torn up over who this boy would become.  This is a mom who spent the last six weeks sleepless, lonely, and full of wondering.  This is a mom who is ecstatic to finally see her son, her soldier.  This mom is my sister.  The boy?  My hero.

Brett graduated from his Army basic training on Thursday, June 5 at Fort Knox, KY.  On Friday morning, he took a bus {with many other soldiers} to Aberdeen, MD where he’ll sped the next 11 weeks being trained in Utilities Repair.  At this point, we don’t know where he’ll go after that, but he does have a three year commitment.

We flew out at 4:15 am, for his ceremony in Kentucky at 8:00.  Then we had the whole day to spend with him.  We went to lunch, shopping, a movie.  We hung out.  We visited the Patton Military museum.

I can’t explain the overwhelming feelings of joy and pride I had while watching this boy I knew, suddenly become a man.  A well mannered, polite and loving man.

Trish?  You’ve done good.  Your perseverance with this teenage boy paid off.  Your unconditional love paid off.  Your faith in this boy you call son, paid off.  Your sleepless nights, paid off.  Years of worry, paid off.  You have much to be proud of.  I have no doubt Brett will do great things.

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4 Responses to “nine.eleven & a boy grows up {repost}”

  1. Heather says:

    Wow I was so proud at myself for holding it together as I read this post. And then…Trisha’s face in that photo…so proud & gorgeous & just beaming…and thinking of her missing Brett…oh I was a gone-er (and just might be crying again as I write this). Thank God for our soldiers and may He be with all the families who sacrifice so much letting them go away to protect us!

  2. trisha says:

    tracie, thank you from the bottom of my heart for honoring brett and our military in the classy (crying) fashion that you’re so good at. we have all been down this journey with our brett and you couldn’t have given him more of an honorary tribute than the words you spoke. thank you for loving my boys with all your heart… you have made such an impact in their lives and you mean the world to all of us. {heather, thank you for your comment, that made me tear up all over again after reading tracie’s blog… thank you for caring}.

  3. brett borkowski says:

    Auntie thank you so much. im totally spechless. This meens so much to me. I love you so much and thank for everything. I know i might not tell you enough but i really do appreciate everything that you’ve always done for me. I know i could always go to you with a problem and no matter what it is you would welcome me with open arms and help me through it. Thats a quality that is hard to find now days. Thank you so much!!! LOve you

  4. Granny says:

    There isn’t much more I can say, it has already all been said. I do know that I have two wonderufl daughters who love their children and neices and nephews with all their heart. Not only are they great mothers but they are their childrens best friend. Trisha you have done a wonderful job raising our Mr. Brett as well as Sean and Justin. Tracie you too have done a wonderful job and will see your fruit of raising the girls in due time. Mr. Brett Auntie Tracie was so right in that you have the most loving giving spirit. I am sure she is as speechless as you were as she reads your reply. Heather you always were as proud of Brett as we were. Thank you for your support.

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