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lessons from a bounce house

Wynter’s birthday was this past weekend and to help her get “jiggy wit it,” we brought in a 40 foot obstacle-course-bouncy-thingy. Needless to say, the party-goers had a blast!

Until the injuries started.

The girls weren’t following the natural flow of the obstacle course. They’d sit on top of the slide. They’d attempt to climb up the slide. And run through the course from finish to start … which is why you can’t see any of the 15 party-goers at the starting point … they’re all climbing through backwards.

When I realized what was happening, I stepped in and told them they needed to follow the course the way it’s intended or injuries would continue to occur. And sure enough, wouldn’t you know? As someone was coming down the slide, the final step of the course … another girl standing at the exit decided to jump in, got hurt, and came out a bundle of tears!

As the party ended and we were cleaning up, it struck me again and again that rules are set for our protection.

How many times do I try to bypass the “entrance” and take a short cut through the exit … only to end up disappointed, injured, and in a bundle of tears?

God’s given us a rule book and guide to follow. And He gave it to us for a reason. For our own good.

This is an extreme example, but think about it … if those ten commandments hadn’t come down, and we had no moral compass … would we know it isn’t okay to kill people? To steal? To have sexual relations with whomever we pleased? Can you imagine that world?

God tells me to never stop praying. He tells me to put no idol’s before Him {that would be anything that takes my time and attention away from Him}. He tells me to love my neighbor as I love myself. He tells me not to worry or be anxious. He tells me to trust Him with the plans He has for my life.

Yet how many times do I try to skip the course He’s laid out for me and go through life jumping head-first into the exit?

Not cool Tracie, not cool.

Sometimes it takes that knock on the head and puddle of tears for me to remember I need to follow the course the way He’s intended or injuries will continue to occur.

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4 Responses to “lessons from a bounce house”

  1. dawn says:

    i was sure that this post was going to be about how YOU went through the obstacle course :) but your lesson is so much better… and the truth in it?!?! oh yes. thank you for the reminder! i am a shortcut girl to the core… but oh His plan… it is perfect just the way He wroted it.

    (and, my goodness!!! you could have fit a 2nd bounce house thingy back there!!!)
    dawn recently posted..to encourage

  2. Susan Lesperance says:

    Tracie, I love how you are able to find a lesson in everyday life to help guide us to better understand God and his rule book (the Bible). This story is a perfect example. Thank you for sharing your faith, knowledge and wit with us. I feel more blessed with you in my life. Always, Susan

  3. Paul spoke to the youth group Sunday night and talked about how when we sin it opens our eyes to a new understanding of sin – we can never go back to the innocence we once had.
    In line with what you’re saying about the rules being there for our good, they really, really are!! Not simply to keep us from getting hurt in that moment, but also to help us maintain an innocence that, once lost, is lost forever. (not the loss of forgiveness and grace and fresh starts, but scars still remain.)

  4. Lisa says:

    Brilliant analogy and timely lesson! Thanks!
    Lisa recently posted..Quiet. Ness.

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