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a good ol’ country day!

An optional title could be, “The day we learned to shoot!”

My girls have the hearts of an explorer and adventurer. Unfortunately, since we’ve moved to NC, it’s been way too loooong since they’ve had themselves a good adventure.

But all that changed a few days ago! When we got to do some shooting and exploring in the country, my born and bred country-mice couldn’t have been happier!

Sisters holding hands {be still my momma heart} and Piper’s almost as tall as Taylor … which means Piper’s almost as tall as me and I think it also means there’s a very good possibility Piper’ll be taller than Taylor. Pardon my randomness …

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So here we are a-shootin’! Wynter had a spot-on aim! Impressive!! And Piper … well, Piper took a little longer to get the hang of things. A few thoughts:

  • How many helpers does an 11yo need to shoot a gun?
  • Where can I get my own set of personalized earplugs?
  • The gun’s too heavy?!?
  • And after several painful minutes-that-seemed-like-hours, she would finally pull the trigger, only to have a misfire!
  • She did it!!

Is Tay-Tay turning a little redneck?

Love this girl ^^ so much! She didn’t want to even give it a try … turns out she kinda liked it!

And this one ^^ was pretty much a natural!

A day in the country was just what this family needed. And it was a good day indeed.

Have a blessed weekend y’all!

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8 Responses to “a good ol’ country day!”

  1. Maybe he could do a mom’s day out!? I think shooting a gun sounds really therapeutic!!!
    Button Bird Designs recently posted..You know you’re in the south when…..

  2. oh Piper! xoxox made my heart smile to see the video of her. that is my oldest on some things.
    Jessica Lynette recently posted..The Truth About Feelings

  3. dawn says:

    the sweetness of those girls holding hands!!!! oh it took my breath away!!! looks like a fun adventure for them… and i bet it won’t be long before they ask for another! just makes me think of all o the adventurous blog posts from years ago! xoxo and that last shot? with sun streaming in? i think i like him, too :)
    dawn recently posted..on strolling…

  4. cyndi says:

    If I had learned to shoot with a pink gun I may have picked it up quicker! Who am I kidding, I’m not at all a good shot. Wish I had Wynt’s natural ability — she nailed it! The sweetness between Piper & Taylor is just so heartwarming. The shot of the three of them holding hands…yowza! Thinking that’s a framer :)
    cyndi recently posted..emotional

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