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and … we’re off again!

Not everyone can hear the silent language
between a horse and rider.  Not everyone
can trust their life with a 1200 lb animal. And
not everyone has the guts, blood, sweat, tears,
and dedication needed to be a part of this
world. But equestrians are no ordinary people,
and horses are no ordinary animals. The only
ones who truly understand this world are the
ones who are a part of it. {quote via tumblr}

I promise, I really was committed to meeting you here more often. But this happened and it’s taken every lovin’ ounce of energy I have to recover from it. And this morning we’re headed off to do it again. “You’re a glutton for punishment,” you might think? Nah, it’s not that.

The fact is, I love seeing this girl on a horse. When I watch her ride … time stands still {my heart too … them jumps be gettin’ high!}.

Taylor’s learning so much about who she is and what she’s capable of. This whole equestrian world is playing a huge part of that for her and I’m thrilled she has these opportunities to shape and mold her.

When I say I’m proud of her … it’s not for her performance {there were many classes she didn’t ribbon in during our last trip}, it’s for her accomplishments, her perseverance, her determination, and her growth.

And one more reason we’re heading back into this black hole of an energy suck? This girl right here! Can you say, “following in her sister’s footsteps?”

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4 Responses to “and … we’re off again!”

  1. dawn says:

    loving these pictures… just makes me feel all sunshine-y warm! that smiling IG photo yesterday said it all, really… “exhausted, but wouldn’t i move the world for these girls?!” it is an amazing opportunity for us as mom’s… to see them grow and stretch and become!!! it is their life, but OH! i feel so honored to see the process! praying for restful nights and sunshine-y days!!! and safe riding, of course! gotta keep your heart from standing still! xoxo
    dawn recently posted..sunday photos

  2. Your girls are so blessed to have a mama that is proud of their character growth. Praying for you and an extra measure of grace as you’re living “on the road” again :) love you!
    Jessica Lynette recently posted..Hospitality {when you have children}

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