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birthday blessings …

I truly am blessed.

Not sure why it came to a head for me, but I was feeling quite emotional yesterday.  And then once again, as I sat back and counted my blessings and realized how loved I am … I felt a wave of peace wash over me.

I couldn’t believe my Facebook page and all the well wishes … what an awesome, incredible way to fill someone’s spirits!

I had coffee with one of my besties … we were supposed to get our toes done too … but true to our style, we gabbed right through “toe time!”

Then it was off to lunch with some of my other besties.

Seriously, how blessed can one be?

Wait!  It gets better!

After school, we go to an early dinner because I have bible study later that night.  Dinner was a typical crazy tornado … but I enjoyed being with my girlies & the hubs.

Then …

I get home just in time for the start of bible study.  Had to do my shot first {which sucks, but such is life} … but was able to come back from that and into a multitude of blessings.

I’d like to share a few with you …

I got this card from my sister.  I seriously can’t believe she found this card.  And what perfect timing!  Tell me you don’t love it!

birthday card

Next up … and involved some serious tears all around.  Actually, I’m starting to cry again.  I just can’t believe how my friends have completely embraced my diagnosis and are doing all they can to help.

My bible study group, which consists really of a large group of my friends … pooled their monies and donated $700.00 in my name to the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  Seven Hundred smackers!  That’s no small chunk of change people.

And as I said to the group last night … it’s not even the monetary value … it goes deeper than that.  It’s that they care, you know?  They recognized the significance in supporting me through this.  It may seem like a no-brainer.  But to me … it just means the world.

Thank you, thank you … a million times … thank you ladies!


And I must mention, once again … the fabulous Nellie designed the gift certificate.  Serious talent folks!  {Nellie, are you blushing?} :)

My bible study group brought food and snacks galore … oh my goodness!  Yum, yum, yum!

And then CJ and the girls all came down with a cake ablazin’ with candles … forty-one of them to be exact!


I received another amazing gift.  From the very talented and creative Leslie.  I’ve mentioned Leslie before … and again, just another small reminder of how God has a plan for us all.  Leslie has been an incredible blessing in the short time we’ve reconnected again.

Anyhoo … look at what Leslie gave me!  She made this.  Made.  Handmade.  As in from scratch!

So this was an old book she found {LOVE that the title is “Voyage of Faith”}.  She took the pages out {how in the world did you do that?  I’m thinking you need to post about this Leslie … hmmm … maybe a guest post at tsj photog is in order?}.

Okay sorry … back to the gift.

So she took the pages out and put a binder inside.

She also added a neat little do-dad thingy to the outside binding.  One charm has a “T” and the other says “believe.”

The inside are journaling pages.  I seriously could’ve taken photos of all the pages … but I didn’t think you’d enjoy that too much.  I can’t even explain how precious and fun every single page is.

Some have bible verses.  One is an old November 30 calendar page.  Some are sewn pages.  Lined pages.  Graphed pages.  Envelope pages.  Leslie said sometimes Etsy sellers will sell scrap packages of paper … I need to look into that.

This is one of those journals that sits on your special shelf and you never want to write in it.  I’m thinking though … this is a super special journal and I’m really determined to fill it with super special thoughts.

And … now I know where to get another super special journal! ;)


Another special gift I’d like to share is from my bestie Heather … what a creative gift-giver this girl is!

Between her and Leslie … the creative bar has been set purty darn high!

One of the gifts Heather gave me, is a book of “dates.”  One for each month … pedicures, dinners, movies, shopping … bowling?

I love this gift and I love this idea!  In fact, I may be planning to re-gift it in the very near future!


Ahhh … so despite the emotional mess I was at the start of the day … once again, the Lord reminded me in subtle, peaceful ways through the day … how He has His hand on me and is watching over me … blessing me over and over again.

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5 Responses to “birthday blessings …”

  1. Heather says:

    Okay, I seriously thought Trish made that card because it was so perfect! Cracked me up!!!! Leslie…my birthday is Feb 10th! :-) And I can’t wait to see how many of our dates we blow off to hang out and talk! :-) But mostly…happy birthday again my dear friend! You deserve all these blessings and more!!! Love you!

  2. Leslie says:

    OK, Trish’s card is the best card EVER!!! That’s hysterical!! And Heather’s gift is too cool. I may just have to crash some of your dates! LOL!! Thank you for the kind words about my gift! Wow! I wish I could take credit for the idea, but I was inspired by a “Junk Binder” that the lovely and talented Janet Hopkins made and shared via her blog about a year ago! They’re super fun and very easy to make, though (which may be beneficial to Heather!!) :-) Glad your birthday was a good one, Tracie. I know I’m blessed to call you “friend”!

  3. Cathy says:

    Those are amazing gifts! Just a small token of what your friendship means to so many people…. you are so loved. :)

  4. Tiffany says:

    Awesome gifts Heather & Leslie! I am going to be calling you for gift ideas in the future.

    Tracie- You deserve all of this and so much more! Glad you had a great birthday.

  5. WOW WOW WOW! What a BIRTHDAY! I think your blessings go down in the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER book!

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