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can’t wait!

I can’t wait for my girlies to wake up this morning!

It all started with a crazy idea from a friend wondering if the girls and I would want to come down to Orlando for a program at her church.

I thought about it … but not too long … I was just crazy enough to say YES!

So … the girls and I are headed to Florida this morning!  But they don’t know!!  I think surprising them is the thing I’m most excited about!  Well … that and getting to see Stacey!

The girls think they have to go to school this morning, but I’m letting them sleep in and we’ll see what happens when they wake up.

Then on Saturday we’ll explore one of the theme parks {I’m going to let them choose … Disney, Universal Studios, a water park?}.

I’m sorta bursting and wanted to share!

Thanks for listening!

Have a blessed weekend!

As you were …

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16 Responses to “can’t wait!”

  1. CheezyK says:

    Oh how exciting – love a random vacation! Have fun :)

  2. Mia Bjerring says:

    That sounds so exciting! Hope you all have a great and fun time :) I bet they’ll all be so thrilled when they find out!

  3. dawn says:

    you are coming to florida again????

  4. Brigitte Short says:

    Tracie…I’m feeling giddy about it for you. I’ve asked you this before…can you be my mom?
    LOL have a WONDERFUL time! Looking forward to hearing all about it. Love you my friend! xoxo

  5. Oh Tracie, I’m so excited for you AND for Stacey! Have a great time together this weekend! (No wonder you couldn’t deal with that other thing until Monday!) ;)

  6. Leslie says:

    Total awesomeness! :-) Have a wonderful time, sweet friend! Godspeed!

  7. Carrie G says:

    Oh FUN! Enjoy :)

  8. pamela says:

    well…. …. …. we want to see some cute photos! have a blast. spontaneity is a wonderful thing!

  9. Shanna Watson says:

    What a surprise that is going to be!! Have FUN!!

  10. Lisa says:

    Have a great “spontaneous” time. Say “HI” to Mickey!

  11. Stacey says:

    Yippeee!!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year……:)

  12. Jennifer says:

    Have fun!

  13. how exciting! how thrilling! HAVE A BALL!

  14. Molly says:

    Have Fun!!!!

  15. terrie says:

    I have always loved your spirit. enjoy your surprise and theirs. can’t wait to talk to you about your adventure….

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