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hairbrushes and lunches

I have a couple of things to share with you today.  Both relate to Tuesday’s post … another “hairbrush” story … and I’d also like to share the reason we were making “lunches” for church.

Let me start with the lunches.  I mentioned in my 1000th post {hee! my 1000th!} that the girls and I are giving in other ways this Season and one of the things we’re doing is making lunches for church.  “Say what?”

Our church is continuously involved in various organizations, missions, and ministries.  One of those is called “Room in the Inn.”  They provide food and shelter for homeless people during the winter months.  Our church teams up with them every Thursday night and provides dinner and a bed {cot?} to 12-14 homeless individuals.  We do this right at the church and a team of volunteers come in to help provide.  Where do the “lunches” come in?  The next day as they’re leaving, the church sends them off with a bag lunch.  Because the recipient is “out in the elements,” we’ve been asked to bring the lunches in plastic bags.

The girls and I have volunteered to do this for the next three weeks.  It’s a touching, and important teaching moment with the girls.

Wynter, especially has been touched by this.  She’s so bent on helping others … not wanting anyone to be in need.  Someone asked Piper recently to share something about each of her sisters {I was there listening}.  Her simple, direct, and accurate description of Wynter touched me.  “Wynter sacrifices for other people.”

And now for the other part of this post … another hairbrush story!  First … thank you so much to those of you who shared a story … they touched and encouraged me!

The story I want to share isn’t my own, it comes from a previous pastor of mine.  And I may get a few of the details wrong, I’ll admit that up front … but the foundation of the story will come through.

This is a “hairbrush” story gone wrong and it’s impact will remain with me forever.

In his youth, my pastor worked for his dad at an auto dealership.  One day on his way to lunch {or maybe an errand}, he passed a parked car with a man sitting inside.  God loudly told pastor to speak to this man, possibly witness to him.  Pastor refused.  Made excuses and ultimatums, “if he’s still there on my way back, I’ll talk to him.”  Well … the car {and man} had left by the time pastor walked past that way again.  If I remember right, pastor may have even sighed with relief at not seeing the car.

Back at work, the dealership received a call.  There’d been an accident on the interstate.  The dealership also handled those things in the small town.  Pastor was sent on the call, and as he drove on the interstate, approaching the accident … he immediately recognized the car.  It was a tragic accident and the man didn’t survive.

And so …

Who knows … literally, who knows why that story ended the way it did.  God knows.  He knew from the beginning.  But look … something that happened years ago, is speaking to you today.

What I know for sure is … the more you are obedient to the small things He’s asking and calling you to do, the stronger His voice becomes.

Let me encourage you with this … don’t let that small whisper become a hairbrush story gone wrong.

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  1. I read this late last night and it;s still “haunting” me…. what an example!

  2. Melanie Cross says:

    I have four sisters so know how special (and crazy!) we are to each other. It warms my heart to hear Piper speak so kindly of Wynter.

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