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24 Feb

winter break :: aspen 2011

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16 Feb

wordless wednesday :: aspen

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15 Feb

aspen 2010 :: on film

Big ol’ oops!  I was mid-flight when I realized I forgot to post the video with my Aspen post.  Enjoy!

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15 Feb

a winter wonderland {aspen :: 2010}

Well … this traveling crew’ll be on their way home shortly.  And despite severe colds {everyone immediately got sick on our return from Exuma} by most everyone … we had a great time.

This girl warms my heart to the core!

The first morning we set off down the mountain, the girls were a little rusty in getting their ski legs.  And Hunter, we had to carry down.

Oh! and can I mention … any idea how crazy it is getting four girls ready in the morning?  Takes us almost a full hour!  And granted, we don’t have to “get” Taylor ready … but any idea how crazy it is to get her out of bed and getting ready? ;)

I’ll admit though … completely worth it!

Incredibly, by the second day, Hunter was ready for the chairlift.  And the third day, we were skiing down with her!

Serious heart-string tugging watching all four of my girls skiing down together!  Tay would lead and the girls would follow … or sometimes, they got a little jumbled up together and someone else got out in front.

We only go skiing once a year … Taylor would go out last season with her school’s ski club, but her new school doesn’t have one … so she hasn’t been out in a while.  She’s gotten pretty well versed on that board of hers though … she’s doing 360 turns!

Okay and this little pumpkin was SO excited to get out, she put her gear on while still in her jammies!

Hunter and I on the big girl chairlift!

The girls at the top {well, mid-top} …

My four lovelies …

I wasn’t too sure how I’d hold up while skiing.  The sport uses a whole different set of muscles and I wasn’t quite sure those muscles would be agreeable to me! ;)

CJ and I usually send the girls off in the morning, meet up with them for lunch and then spend the afternoon skiing with them.  This year, we set up some in-room massages for the morning … ahhh.

And the first day decided to take the afternoon off and come back to the room.

The second day, I got a call in the middle of my massage … Wynter had thrown up.  In the gondola.  On herself.  And the instructor.  Ewww!

So I stayed in with her that afternoon, so no skiing for me.

That left one more afternoon for skiing.  I was determined to get out there with the girls … and I did.  My feet almost immediately fell asleep in my boots and I was super uncoordinated going down.  But no one noticed.  ;)

I only did one run with the girls and was so tempted to do another.  But I knew I shouldn’t push myself and turns out, I’m glad I didn’t.  When I got back in, I was in some pretty bad pain.  I have this piercing spot of pain in my foot that comes and goes … but for some reason was constant when I took my boots off.  And my legs were just overall shaky.

I was feeling better by dinner and am so very glad I didn’t miss the opportunity to go down with them.  Just so surreal to have all the girls around me skiing down the big mountain.  And Hunter is incredible!  Crazy to watch this peanut skiing down in front of me!

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12 Feb

skiing | the end

We’re heading home today.  We had an awesome three days of sun!  Pretty much the only sun Aspen has seen at all this winter … how blessed are we?

Yesterday was a great day (I have extremely sore calves to prove it!) … Wynter ended up being able to ride up to the top of the mountain and we all spent the morning skiing together.  We were over at Buttermilk, instead of Snowmass.  It was just so cool to be skiing along with the girls on the big mountains.  Taylor and Ana ditched us pretty quick to go through some tree trails …

Taylor & Ana enjoyed the day on skis and got around a lot better.  They are going to do a little boarding this morning before we leave.

Piper & Wynter both got pretty sick, some meds have them a little better this morning.  Wynter had ended up with pink eye and Piper was burning up and coughing like a seal.

We are all looking forward to going home to see our Huntie and little Pebbles!

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