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25 Jul

almost wordless wednesday :: bff surprise visit

Through a series of unfortunate events, our scheduled visitors had to cancel. One of those visitors was the family of Piper’s BFF from Wisconsin. Oh how my heart hurt thinking about the disappointment of my soulful 10 year old!

And then … a light bulb moment! I enlisted some help from the families of both Wynter and Piper’s WI BFF’s … and we secretly had the girls flown out for a visit!

My girls had NO IDEA whatsoever! And I could barely contain my excitement! I was at a conference all weekend and told them I’d have a surprise for them when I got home.

Once home and parked safely in the driveway, I had their friends climb into the trunk, and then called my girls out for their surprise.

This is what followed …

I’m not gonna lie … I truly thought there’d be nothing but hootin’ and hollerin’ … instead, it was a sweet reunion of hearts longing to be together again. And watching them together this week has made me one happy momma!

Have you heard? Beginning August 1, I’m hosting a Facebook study group on my e-book 31 days of faith. Each day in August, I’ll walk through the book with you in a more in-depth sort of way. My hope is to breathe encouragement into your day, to help you see Jesus, and to show you joy in the middle of a trial.

And … if that’s not enough fun … guess what? This weekend, July 28th and 29th, 31 days of faith will be available on Amazon for FREE! Free I say! So be sure to download it and tell all your friends too!

P.S. … don’t have a Kindle? No worries, download Amazon’s free Kindle reading app and you can begin reading on almost any device you own … including your computer! I’m all about the ease here folks!

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4 Jul

wordless wednesday :: morning mist

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20 Jun

wordless wednesday :: encouragement from a friend

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13 Jun

wordless wednesday :: precious mornings

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6 Jun

wordless wednesday :: a visit from my nephew

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