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22 Sep

thankful …

Do you often ride a high of thankfulness … and then quickly forget?

I’m guilty.

I mentioned in a recent post that CJ and I are having communication issues, and just general martial-funk issues.  I’m guilty.  It’s not all him.  As easy as it can be to blame the other … I know I’m guilty.

I’ve stopped trying.  I feel myself stepping back and closing off.  Sometimes it’s easier that way isn’t it?  Than to face the problem and get to the bottom of it?

Every morning I find myself praying to be a better wife … a beacon of God’s way for our family … for my husband.  But each day I find myself failing.

This weekend {away in Chicago} was good for CJ and I.  We needed it.  Desperately.

We held hands … a lot.

When I got frustrated … I quieted my voice.

I thanked him for each meal he bought.  For spending the weekend with me.

What struck me most though … he bought me a special gift.  And I was happy.  And thankful.  And thoughtful of the fact, that most times I’m thankless.

Do we thank our husbands when they buy us a meal?  When they hold our hands.  Or hold a door open?  Or even let you on the elevator first.

Most times I don’t.  Most times I forget.  Take for granted … after all it’s what a husband is suppose to do, isn’t it?

I posted almost a year ago {here, here and here} about the most wonderful surprise birthday party ever that CJ threw for me.  He took over year to plan it.  I was in awe.  I was in love.  I thought I would never forget the feeling of thankfulness I had.  I pretty much thought he’d banked brownie points til death.

I was wrong.  I forgot those feelings of thankfulness … so quickly, I’m ashamed of myself.

And why is it I can get all happy and thankful as soon as I get something my way again?

That’s not the woman I want to be, nor is it what I want to model to my children.  Not to mention what God wants from me … or my husband.

I wanted to post this video as a very important reminder to myself … how blessed I am.  How thankful I am.  How I have much to be thankful for.  Even in times of riding waves of sorrow or sickness … I want to be able to give thanks without having to think twice about it.

What am I unwrapping for you today?  My prayer for you is the simple gift of thanks.  In all we do, in all we have … in all we don’t have.  Everyday … in every circumstance … may we be thankful.

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5 Dec

bring on the monkeys …

I love this photo.

One of the things Curt had arranged in Mexico was a petting zoo.  That would be a mobile petting zoo.  The animals came to the house, all in one small car, complete with the animal trainers, animals, equipment and someone’s family.  Quite the operation!

There were two monkeys, a couple of macaws, a toucan, and massively-sized iguana!
The kids {and let’s admit it, the adults too} throughly enjoyed handling these animals.  How often do you get to cuddle with an iguana?  :)

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3 Jan

christmas vacation

We left the day after Christmas for Cancun. My sister’s boys came with us (Brett, almost 19; Justin, 15; and Sean, 14) and my mom and dad.

The weather wasn’t super great, but we were happy to miss the blizzard and freezing temperatures here!

I loved having the boys along and their cousins sure did too. But boy am I in for some trouble as these girls get older. I’m thinking God starts to prepare you for that next stage in your child-rearing years? At least praying He does …

The little girls get up so early, that we need to go to bed early. The boys get up so late, that they go to bed so late! A whole new world for me.

I think it’s safe to say Wynter is officially a swimmer, she was all over the place keeping up with everyone. Piper loved surfing the big waves … she’d get pounded and come up smiling!

Thanks everyone for a great time! Click here to see our photo album.

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