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21 May

a message of gratitude …

I interrupt my regularly scheduled posts of counting joy to bring you this …

My 23 year old nephew was recently deployed for his fourth tour of duty. The last couple of weeks, I was sending urgent messages on Twitter and Facebook asking for prayer for him.

You see, his lung had spontaneously collapsed while he was running and he was in the hospital with tubes helping support his lung so he could breathe.

Then he was flown to Germany.

And then back to the states.

It was decided he’d need surgery to help support and stabilize his lung, and also get rid of any built-up scar tissue. Surgery was last Friday and the Army flew my sister to be with him during surgery and recovery … she ended up with a four hour layover in Charlotte, which meant the girls and I got to spend some time with her!!

Brett’s doing well and will be taking leave for a couple of weeks to go back home to Wisconsin. He’ll be driving home from Georgia, and will pass through our way, so we’ll get to spend a little time with him too!


I’d like to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes! The power of social media across the globe amazes me! We even had prayers coming in from Indonesia for Brett!! Who says God doesn’t tweet?!

And so …

As a tribute to Brett, to his family, and to the thousands serving everyday, I wanted to post this video I put together when Brett first went off to basic training. He’s since worked his way through Airborne and Rangers training and I couldn’t be prouder of him!

I’ve searched and searched my archives for a more recent photo of Brett and came up empty. The best I could do was this photo from a couple of years ago. Brett has definitely changed from a pale twiggy teenage boy into handsome young man who serves his country.

I love you Brettie and am so incredibly proud to be your auntie!

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24 Mar

in this house, we do …

God’s Rules
I’m Sorry
Second Chances

Another Pinterest project!  I saw this … brought the girls into the loop and started scheming immediately!  Honestly, it wasn’t hard at all … helps that I have a handy-man friend to put the boards together.  But after that, just a coat of paint and some stencils.  The girls are proud of what we put together and …

sigh … I could spend hours looking at our new piece of art …

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12 Mar

thankful saturday

Thankful for my mommy who joined me for one of my treatments and also challenged me to a game of chess … it’s been years!  She took the first game and the second would’ve been mine if I hadn’t started chatting … darn me!  :)

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21 Jan

what would they do without each other?

Sister will you …
make believe
play dress up
let me be the princess
tell me stories in the dark
always be my friend?

I often wonder what these two would do without each other.  Where one is … there is the other.  Two peas in a pod and all that.

I often wonder where their lives will take them … will it keep them close, or pull them apart?

I often wonder if their hearts are happy to just be near the other.

I often wonder if they know they’re sisters … or just think they’re best friends.

I often wonder if, when they’re forty, they’ll understand how blessed they are to have a sister.

I often wonder if their children will be friends.

I often wonder if they’ll have daughters … who are sisters … and feel the way I do when I watch them play.

I often wonder if they’ll always have this bond.

I often wonder when they’ll let Hunter join their club. ;)

I often wonder if God knows how very thankful I am.

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18 Oct

monday randomness

So many good things I’m not sure where to start!  I’m also hoping I don’t miss anything!

Right This Moment
I’m on my way to Israel!  I’ll be gone for 9 days and I can’t wait to feel the presence of the Lord!  My church takes this trip every couple of years … my mom and dad had taken the trip last time and loved it!  So when I saw it announced in the bulletin this year, I really wanted to go.  But I also wanted to go with my mom and Taylor.  Only glitch … when I’m gone, or CJ’s gone … my mom’s the one that helps with the kids.  If my mom and I both went, that would leave CJ alone to “babysit” the kids.  Yeah.  He’s the dad that thinks he’s babysitting his own children.

So I finally got my nerve up to ask him if I could go.  With my mom.  The deadline was just a few days away, so I pretty much needed an answer asap.  I mentioned it to him before we went to bed one night and he wasn’t too hip on the idea.  I went to bed praying about it, but figuring I would just drop it.  A couple of days came and went, when out of the blue CJ asked if I still wanted to go.  “Yes.  Yes I do!”  He said he’d ask his two older children to come into town to help with the girls and that I should go.  Holy hallelujah and praise the Lord!  Don’t know about you, but I consider this a small miracle!

Power Of A Praying Parent
I told the kids about a week ago that I’d be leaving for “eight sleeps” and Wynter freaked.  She’s my deep feeler and thinker.  It broke my heart and I immediately started toying with the idea of bringing her with.  Of course, that didn’t pan out … so I did what I should’ve done in the first place … I started praying for her.  I prayed with her.  And I prayed for her.  I brought my prayer request {for her} to my mom group at church … and then I told her so.

She looked up at me with such awe.  “Your friends are praying for me?” she asked.  Yes baby girl, they are.

She’s still having a hard time … but her reaction and emotion to it is considerably less since I’ve told her she’s being covered in prayer.  Friends, there is nothing. more important in this world, than the power of a praying parent.

Other Small Miracles
I’ve been noticing small, encouraging things in CJ.  Telling the girls, “that was nice” after a prayer they’ve said.  Or in a recent conversation they were talking about something {I absolutely can’t remember what} that had to do with knowing everything.  God isn’t what he was referring to, but one of the girls said, “God.”  CJ said, well yes … Him too … but … and went on to fill in the blanks about what he was talking about.

Now, that may not seem like much to a casual reader here.  But if you knew/know my guy … you’d know that’s huge!  CJ was pretty much agnostic to an atheist when I met him.  And now he’s admitting that God knows everything!?

Our Weekend
We had a relaxing weekend at the lake this weekend!  Beautiful weather, picnic at the caboose … and a whole lotta catch up work for me!

Update On Book Writing
I haven’t done actual writing.  Well … I take that back.  I have a title, a dedication page, and two sentences in Chapter One.  Right now though, I feel God’s writing this book in my heart.  I’m in no hurry.  It’ll happen when, how and if it’s supposed to.

But … I have to share this!  A couple of weeks ago, Taylor was volunteering with a “bullying seminar” {I hope to post on this in the next few weeks}, when she texts me and says she needs to talk to me.  I asked if she needed to call.  She said no, it could wait til she got home, but to keep an open mind about it.  Interesting.

So she gets home and I’m all over her asking what she needs to talk about.  “I think you should write a book,” she says.  Say what daughter o’ mine?!?  See … I’ve never breathed a word to her about my desire to write a book.  I asked what brought this on … she said she was talking to someone at the luncheon and she thinks I should write a book.  I explained to Taylor that I am, in fact, working on writing a book.  “About what?” she asks.  “About my life … the things I’ve gone through,” I answer.  She went on to say that I should write about her … :)  But still.  God talking?  I think so.

Next up … we recently finished a bible study at my church about hearing God’s whisper.  The pastor encouraged us to send him our whisper stories, and when I finally did {which actually were explained in a series of posts that I sent him}, he wrote back and said, “When I started reading, I thought “she should write a book …”

God Is Good
All the time!

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