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30 Dec

handmade christmas

I was busy this Christmas making personalized and handmade gifts … and although giving handmade can sometimes take more time and care … I think putting thoughtfulness and love into what you’re giving brings back the early days of Christmas.  Outside of celebrating the birth of our Savior … handmade Christmases make it as special as possible, in my humble opinion that is!

While I was working on my projects, I was tempted to take photos so that I could post about them and share … but then decided that 1) I didn’t have the time and 2) I just really wanted to focus on what I was giving and not worry about posting about it.

All that said … there’s one gift that I really wanted to share.  I made it for someone that I love dearly, and who I really wanted to encourage.  I decided to photograph and share it because it might encourage you or someone you know.

I put together twenty Scripture verses relating to fear … or rather … fearing not!  I had them printed and mounted on matboard and housed them in a pretty fabric-covered box.  I’ve put them all together in one PDF document for you and it can be downloaded here.

And … since I’m doing this post … I thought I’d share a few of the other things I made too.  Hee … lucky you!

I sewed a couple of these gadget cases … put together about a dozen of these journals … made a couple of these snowglobes … and put together a few of these quick bread mixes … and special just for you dear readers, is the download of the labels I put together for the quick bread mix.  And the link where I got the milk bottles.

I especially scored some major points with my nephews for modpodging the edge of a wad of dollar bills, with a cardstock cover that read “dolla dolla bill y’all” … SO cool {the gift that is!}! :)

And last but not least … I sewed this dress & coin purse for my precious blessing, EJ.  I ended up calling in the recruits, so snapped an iPhone pic to show her the project when I completed it.  Not bad, huh?  Although from the video and photos I received Christmas Eve day, it looked like her 1 1/2 year old sister nabbed her gift!

Anyway … I really enjoyed these projects and I think they were special to the recipients as well … I’ll definitely be planning another handmade Christmas next year!  Can someone just remind me to start earlier? ;)

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4 Jun

20 minute tote {a gift}

Did I seriously just add “sewing” as a category?!  What has my life come to? ;)

Fo’ realz though … I have been sewing and rather been enjoying it too!  Even though I did sew one of these bags together, only to realize my machine had come unthreaded!  Humpf!


I’m in full-on teacher gift mode … probably going overboard, but kinda lovin’ what I’m pulling together!

So yeah … are you in love with these totes?!  I made 8 in total {the teen got one out of me, and I also made one with this fabric for a photog friend of mine} and it seriously only took me about 2.5 hours.  Not bad for a novice.  And if you think otherwise, I beg you not to share with me.  :)

I found the 20 minute tote tutorial on purl bee and decided to give it a go.  SO glad I did!  Pretty sure I’ll be making a few more of these in my future …

And for the most awesomest fabric ever, check out Hawthorne Threads … they’ve got it all!  Yeah … kinda diggin’ my new hobby a bit … ;)

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