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handmade christmas

I was busy this Christmas making personalized and handmade gifts … and although giving handmade can sometimes take more time and care … I think putting thoughtfulness and love into what you’re giving brings back the early days of Christmas.  Outside of celebrating the birth of our Savior … handmade Christmases make it as special as possible, in my humble opinion that is!

While I was working on my projects, I was tempted to take photos so that I could post about them and share … but then decided that 1) I didn’t have the time and 2) I just really wanted to focus on what I was giving and not worry about posting about it.

All that said … there’s one gift that I really wanted to share.  I made it for someone that I love dearly, and who I really wanted to encourage.  I decided to photograph and share it because it might encourage you or someone you know.

I put together twenty Scripture verses relating to fear … or rather … fearing not!  I had them printed and mounted on matboard and housed them in a pretty fabric-covered box.  I’ve put them all together in one PDF document for you and it can be downloaded here.

And … since I’m doing this post … I thought I’d share a few of the other things I made too.  Hee … lucky you!

I sewed a couple of these gadget cases … put together about a dozen of these journals … made a couple of these snowglobes … and put together a few of these quick bread mixes … and special just for you dear readers, is the download of the labels I put together for the quick bread mix.  And the link where I got the milk bottles.

I especially scored some major points with my nephews for modpodging the edge of a wad of dollar bills, with a cardstock cover that read “dolla dolla bill y’all” … SO cool {the gift that is!}! :)

And last but not least … I sewed this dress & coin purse for my precious blessing, EJ.  I ended up calling in the recruits, so snapped an iPhone pic to show her the project when I completed it.  Not bad, huh?  Although from the video and photos I received Christmas Eve day, it looked like her 1 1/2 year old sister nabbed her gift!

Anyway … I really enjoyed these projects and I think they were special to the recipients as well … I’ll definitely be planning another handmade Christmas next year!  Can someone just remind me to start earlier? ;)

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10 Responses to “handmade christmas”

  1. kelli says:

    Goooooo Tracie! You deserve a big high five! Amazing gifts…love homemade ..just love it!

  2. Stacey says:

    The cuteness and creativity is killing me!!! So sweet!

  3. Brigitte Short says:

    Wow!!! Where do you find the time, the creativity? It just amazes me….truly amazes me! And…your Christmas card was so beautiful. And hand stitched too!! Perhaps I need a lesson on time management from you!!! :) Let me say WOW again. Bravo Tracie!!!

  4. Cat Moore says:

    These are precious! Love the ideas. I’m saving some of these for next year. I love the snowglobes for the gift-cards. How creative!!! Thanks for sharing. I’m downloading the cards, too. :)

  5. Cathy says:

    I adore it all! I simply don’t know how you do it, Tracie… each one of those gifts has so much love and thought into it; what a delight for those who were lucky to receive them! :)

  6. Heather says:

    EJ loves her gorgeous dress and hid the purse from little sis (who wore her dress again yesterday!) :-). Love all these amazing creative gifts Tracie (I’d like to see your dollar bill books actually…cute!)!!!

  7. Your creativity and talent goes from HERE to the MOON and back!!!!

  8. dawn says:

    you are amazing. and yes, i’ll send you a note next week to remind you to begin crafting for this christmas!! (my mom starts the day after thanksgiving… for the NEXT year’s church bazaar. at least the shopping for supplies part)

  9. Cerissa says:

    I just adore the scripture cards! What an encouragement! May I ask where you had them printed and found the box? Thank you for sharing!!

  10. David Arthur says:

    Another awesome project!! Wow, God is truly using you. Keep it up and never give up. God is so amazing!! Bless you!

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