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28 Apr

theme of the week :: earth day 2010

I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.
– Frank Lloyd Wright

So the girls and I had another theme week!

But between my MS acting up, CJ being out of town, and the girls sick
and home half the week … we got a slow start … but I’d say … according to
the fun we had and the projects we did … we finished strong!

We melted blue and green crayons into earth-colored-heart shapes.

We made blue and green earth-colored cupcakes.

We read all kinds of “green” themed books.

We made our own Earth Day shirts.

We took Earth Day pledges.

And finished the week, Sunday night, watching the movie Earth.
The girls even chose the movie over morning cartoons the next day.

But I think the most fun we had was putting together the terrariums!

Another thing we did that I think was probably most important … we decided
to keep a “paperless kitchen” for the week.

I’m the first to hang my head shamefully at how much waste we put
out as a family.  Especially in our kitchen.  Sad really.

So I decided to talk to the girls about it and it was fun to work at it
together, knowing they understood what we were doing
and why we were doing it.

I think overall we did pretty good.  The one area we still
used paper was with our napkins.

But …

My goal for this summer is to go completely paperless {in the kitchen}.
Wish me luck on that one!

Piper’s Pledge
I will help the earth be clean.
I will not waste water by keeping it on too long.

Wynter’s Pledge
I will recycle and save the earth.
I will not waste paper.

Hunter’s Pledge
Pretty sure she wrote something deep and profound!

And while I realize, every day should be Earth Day … I’m thankful for these eye-opening reminders to help us get back on track.  I was excited too, about what the girls school did throughout the week to reinforce the importance of being kind to our earth.

They took a trip to our local eco-justice center.  And they also required every student bring a cold lunch … and then had a contest and prize for the class that had packed their lunch with the least amount of waste.  A bit challenging … but fun!

I hope your Earth Day activities were eventful, thoughtful, and resourceful!

terrarium tutorial
earth cupcakes
heart-shaped crayons
earth day pledge printable

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4 Mar

theme of the week :: olympics

I am so in love with awe of my new blog friend, Katherine!  She’s like a super hero to me … what with all her creativity, photography and love of the Lord … I’d say that’s what friends are made of!  ;)

Anyway.  So she has this over-achieving little thing she does … theme of the week … please let it be known that I think it’s “all that” and more!  I’ve pretty much told her so, when she ever so innocently suggested “I try one and hey! maybe I could even guest post on her site.”  No offense, but that’s just some sort of crazy talk as far as I’m concerned!

I kind of get the prickly sweats of anxiety {and don’t go pretending you don’t know what I’m talking about!} looking through her themes and photographs!  Nevertheless, she patiently encouraged me and gave me some great suggestions.

I figured I should get a couple of “themes” under my belt before I go thinking I’m guest post worthy! ;)

So!  What to theme?  Well … when I decided to try something, we were smack dab in the middle of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.  Perfect!

Bonus that there was lots of inspiration around the web that I could draw on.  And as you’ll see … there was one particular team we were supporting!

Color sorting and cake making with Hunter

Learning Fun: sorting; spelling; and patterns

We also learned the meaning behind the Olympic flag & it’s rings {pretty cool stuff!}

Snack time:  food the color of the Olympic rings; cake with M&M colored rings; bagels with cream cheese
colored rings; star-shaped cutout cookies; oreo cookies {disguised as silver medals}

{note to self: disclose to kids if something that looks like frosting, isn’t frosting … especially if it’s cream cheese}

Crafts & Activities:  bracelets; baking; torch & medals

Activities: torch relay; medal ceremony

Games: balloon races; cracker whistling contest

Book: tacky & the winter games

Ideas & Inspiration:
Food crafts :: Taste of Home
Olympic flag lesson :: A to Z Kids Stuff
Torch & Medals :: Alpha Mom
Bracelets :: No Time for Flashcards

Who needs gold?

Takeaway Thoughts: I’ve seen Katherine’s themes for a few months now and would sort of stress myself out
wanting to do it “just like her.”  Kind of that whole bloggie pressure thing.  Why oh why do we do that to ourselves?

It almost seemed like such an overwhelming thing to do, that I didn’t even want to give it a try.  I didn’t want to “fail”
so I didn’t even try.  Not cool.

Thanks to Katherine’s gentle encouraging … I’m so incredibly happy I gave it a go!  I gotta be honest, I’m not happy
with my photos and of course the crafts could’ve been better and on and on I go.

But wait a minute … even as I’m writing this post, I’m smiling looking back on this time we spent together.
And remembering how excited the girls were each night coming home and wondering what the days “theme” would bring.
How we laughed and laughed at them trying to waddle with a balloon between their legs.  And how Wynter just came up and saw
these photos and starting smiling and talking about the things we did together.

And that’s what it’s all about.  Family time.  Fun time.  Building memories.

We’re definitely going to be doing this again.

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