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computer hijack!

So … while in Exuma recently, the girls thought it a grand idea to hijack mom’s computer while she was helplessly making dinner.  I heard it all from the kitchen … mostly screaming and Wynter’s Broadway production of Winter Wonderland … but the real treat came when I opened photobooth and found exactly what they were up to!

They put together little skits, threw in some random singing, screaming, eyeballing {you’ll see}, swinging, itching, and a little fighting shoving.  The highlights are Piper’s crazy intertwined throughout, and Wynter’s commitment to her song while dodging pushing Piper on the swing, amidst Piper’s crazy.  I also did quite enjoy Wynter’s big finish!

Little Hunt makes a couple of appearances, but is mostly being bossed directed by her demanding older sisters.

Note: You may need to watch it twice for full effect.  And I’m thinking 3D glasses would’ve been handy for those scary moments Piper almost takes out the computer with her feet.

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6 Responses to “computer hijack!”

  1. Brigitte Short says:

    OMGoodness…this was too funny! Ohhh how I miss you and those beautiful girls! Wow…Wynter’s voice is exploding! She’s always had a beautiful voice but WOW…her voice is “exploding”. Do you have her in singing lessons? Your little girl has crazy potential! I’m thinkin’ a future Xfactor or American Idol star is in the making! :)

  2. Leslie says:

    That could win some awards, my friend! Piper has quite a flair for the dramatic . . . and Wynt’s soundtrack was amazing! We just needed a little more Huntie bling fashion for a trifecta of awesome. LOL. Love those girls!!!

  3. heather says:

    Love that Wynter even breaks off her arm flair to push Piper on the swing. And the “Security!” killed me. Too funny the random things our kids pick up. Love!

  4. Christine J says:

    LOL! Love it!

  5. cyndi says:

    Ditto to everything Les & Heather said! I cracked up so much the first time I did watch it a second time!!! Both times I wished I had a soundtrack of Wynt’s to get me through the holidays :-) She is AMAZING.

  6. he he he he! the eyeballin’ is hil.ari.ous. :D love this! reminds me of rolls & rolls of mystery film my mom would have developed that were completely filled with my selfportrait gems. lol. after a while she stopped keeping tally of how many rolls were blown in this manner, and thank goodness she stopped keeping a tab of the film + developing i owed her for, ha ha. thank goodness we have these awesome digital (and affordable) ways of documenting our kids’ creative silliness! truly blessings. ::hugs::

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