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i changed my mind

I’m no longer praying for CJ’s salvation …

I’m praying for his radical salvation!

I want a husband who is on fire for God.  Who is hungry for God and His Word.  Who desires a deep, committed relationship with God.  I want a husband, and father of my girls to lead us …

How ’bout you?  Are there friends … family you’ve been praying for?  I’m urging you today … don’t just pray for their salvation … let’s start praying for people to not only be saved, but to be … on fire! hungry! desiring a deep and committed relationship … we need Christians who can lead Christians.  Join me in this prayer today!

This is personal, but if you have someone you’re praying salvation over … would you let me know so I can pray for them as well?  If you don’t want to leave a comment, please send me an email with their names.  I want to lay them at the foot of the cross with you and believe God has wonderful things in store!

Lead Me
:: Sanctus Real ::

I look around
And see my wonderful life
Almost perfect from the outside
In picture frames I see my beautiful wife
Always smilin’
But on the inside…
I can hear her sayin’…

:: chorus ::
Lead me with strong hands
Stand up when I can’t
Don’t leave me hungry for love chasin’ dreams
What about us?
Show me you’re willin’ to fight
That I’m still the love of your life
I know we call this our home
But I still feel alone.

I see their faces
Look in their innocent eyes
They’re just children from the outside
I’m workin’ hard
I tell myself they’ll be fine
They’re independent
But on the inside…
I can hear them sayin’…

:: chorus ::

So Father give me the strength
To be everything I’m called to be
Oh Father show me the way
To lead them
Won’t you lead me?

To lead them with strong hands
To stand up when they can’t
Don’t leave them hungry for love
Chasin’ things that I could give up
I’ll show them I’m willin’ to fight
And give them the best of my life
So we can call this our home
Lead me, ’cause I can’t do this alone.

Father lead me ’cause I can’t do this alone …

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18 Responses to “i changed my mind”

  1. Inga says:

    Oh my, You are amazing! :)
    I just found this song for my guitar study presentation and thought the same – I want my husband to lead me. I prayed for that and yesterday he initiated that we read Bible and pray together. We do that sometimes, but this time he INITIATED this :) God is amazing and I will pray for your family too :)
    As for prayer needs – my mother, oh I yearn for her to be hungry for God.
    Thank you.

  2. dawn says:

    love this song :)
    and you know i will keep praying for just this hope! love you!

  3. I love this and couldn’t agree more about desiring a man who leads and is on fire for Christ. I pray for his salvation as you come to mind and will continue doing so.

    My brother isn’t saved and it breaks my heart :( We grew up with Christian parents, surrounded by godly examples, heard the gospel many times… and yet he has rejected it all and is living a rather wild life style. We still have a good relationship {altho we live hundreds of miles apart} so it’s a balance trying to figure out when to say something and when to just live it.

  4. Nicole says:

    One of my favorite Christian songs out there right now. The passion that you feel in this song is so intense.It speaks wonders.

  5. Shanna Watson says:

    The tears are a falling…1st time hearing this song and I think it’s amazing! Totally agree with you Nicole…the passion this song has is unbelievable.

  6. it’s not a brag moment or anything here, i just wanted you to know that know what it is you desire. so many years i went about being a single-mom. made it work, but so very much prayed for a strong man of God to lead me & our family. i’m so grateful the Lord heard and granted my prayer. my husband is such a blessing, as he lives & breathes his testimony. no he’s still not perfect, and that’s ok with me. but i’m grateful he keeps at it. keeps trying. keeps leading. he even shared a minor miracle with my daughter yesterday as he taught her about the power of prayer. he’s not been without work entirely, but the hours have been less as work has slowed the past month or so. Sunday night he prayed for work. yesterday he was tipped in onto a new potential client, and last night his boss gave him a dollar an hour raise! prayer totally works! and i love that he taught our daughter this principle, not just by words, but by example & testimony.
    so let’s keep praying gals, cause it’s working. His ears are open!

  7. Melissa says:

    …praying, too. He knows. He hears. He answers.

    “I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers!” Isaiah 65:24

    “Surely the arm of the LORD is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear.” Isaiah 59:1

    I’m going to rejoice for you today, knowing what God will do tomorrow.

  8. Sue says:

    That song brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. So powerful!

  9. :( i had no idea your husband isn’t a christian! that must be so hard! just prayed for him. i will be thinking of him. you’re such a lovely woman and you deserve a man who’s as hard after God as you are. hang in there, hon. He makes beautiful things.

  10. tiffany roney says:

    oh, PS>>> i guess it didn’t take my website, cuz i have two.

    thoughts @ tiffanypepparoney.blogspot.com

    photos/sketches @ tiffanyroneyphotography.blogspot.com


  11. andrea says:

    I hope I’m not too late for this. My heart has been so heavy for my grandma and dad. My grandma is days away from finding out if cancer is coming back for the third time. While I’m praying for a false alarm and/or healing, I’m praying even harder for her salvation. Truth is, I don’t know if she’s saved. She loves the Lord, trusts Him but belongs to a works righteous faith and I just want her to know she can’t earn her way into heaven. Pray for an open door for me to talk to her. I need the Holy Spirit to work through me..otherwise I might be a babbling idiot :-O

    Also, my father. He’s been battling depression and addiction [alcohol and gambling] for many, MANY years. Right now he’s sober but he doesn’t know the Lord and that’s what important to me. He says he has accepted Jesus Christ but he doesn’t walk the talk AT ALL. I pray for a deep conviction and a radical change. I know God is mighty to save. NOTHING is impossible for Him!!!

    Thank you!!! I’ll be praying for your husband as well.

  12. Kathy says:

    Hi – I some how just stumbled upon your blog – I think perhaps through a Women of Faith devotional! I’m leaving a comment to your post ‘I changed my mind’. Just last week my son and his wife’s marriage struggles have come to surface! I was talking with him one evening and suggested he listen to this song by Sanctus Real – we had discussed it a few months ago when the song was being introduced – well at least at a time when I really listened to the words and I suggested this be his theme song for life! Anyways at the time he didn’t take it so seriously, but now he has and is willing to change his life to save his marriage!! PTL! He is a Christian but is a pretty young husband, daddy to two precious little boys 11 months apart, a job change and became a home owner this past year! Talk about stress! Anyway they have seeked help and are willing to work at there struggles and I thank God for that. His name is Kyle and if you would lift him up in prayer I would greatly appreciate it! Finding this tonight is truely a blessing to me! They are meeting with our pastor as I write this! Thank you so very much!

  13. I’m joining in you in PRAYER!!

  14. Melissa says:

    i am remembering this prayer…

    and i’m praying harder today, for you, your girls, your husband. God’s plans WILL prevail. Against all circumstances and trials. No weapon forged against you will prosper. This is God’s promise for you, His beloved.

    You are deeply loved, my precious sister!!!


  15. Joanne Laufenberg says:

    You’ve been on my mind even throughout our experience of learning about Klarisa’s severe challenges and losing her so quickly. God just keeps reminding me that we’re not home yet and aren’t supposed to be comfortable. Although he gives us moments of Heaven down here, we’re in a spiritual battle and he’s proud of us for being on His side throught the think and thin. …and I’m proud to be serving right along side sisters like you. Have fun on the lake!

    Sincerely, Joanne Laufenberg

  16. Joanne Laufenberg says:

    …meant “through the THICK and thin”. ha…and thanks for the feedback. It’s always easy to wonder if my words are encouraging or otherwise.

  17. […] mentioned before that I’ve been praying for my husband’s salvation for probably the last eight or nine […]

  18. Tami C. says:

    Hi Tracie,
    I’m new to your site & I hope you don’t mind but I have been doing some reading here. You have already blessed me immensely!
    I would like to add my husband to your prayer list. He attends church with me but as of late I am concerned for where his heart is. Does he know Jesus as his personal savior – or does he just know the idea of a savior?

    Thank you, blessings to you.

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