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it’s a cake!

I saw this fun project in the Food Network magazine and decided to give it a go!  And for the record … spending an hour putting jelly beans on a cake is extremely therapeutic!

{download directions here}

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16 Responses to “it’s a cake!”

  1. beth says:

    Cute! I know some bunnies that would love this:)

  2. Trish says:

    Oooh, looks so yummy! I probably would have eaten more jelly beans than would have made it on this cake, if it were me! ;)

  3. dawn says:

    an hour? i saw that cake and wondered how long it would take to line up all of the jelly beans :)

    very cute!!!

  4. Kate says:

    Adorable!!! I am with Trish, I don’t think the jelly beans would have made it to the cake! ;)

  5. terrie says:

    so cute…….. we did your st. paddys rainbows and those were therapeutic, too. love you tracie

  6. Heather says:

    cute! the jelly belly decoration is so cute, but we had a hard time eating them with our cake on EJ’s rainbow cake. can’t believe i’m saying this, but it’s almost too much sugar!

  7. Jackie says:

    I love it! and I was wondering how long it would take to put the jelly beans on as I was reading my Food Network magazine and thinking how fun that would be to make…now I know! and congrats on making it on Edible Crafts!! :)

  8. Brigitte Short says:

    OK…you realize I may have to start checkin’ out your blog for cake ideas! Simply brilliant :) Maybe we should tackle a crazy-fun cake together some time…with a glass of wine. Hmmm…wonder what it would look like :) xo

  9. Karri says:

    Oh wow! I love it. And if I ca focus and do that, too, my kids will love love love it! (‘ll have to make sure we have physical activity planned)

  10. Lisa Mahnke says:

    TSJ! I have a really cute butterfly cake I made a couple of Easters agao with m&m’s. It is SOOOOOOO cute, let me know if you would like to try it! It was fun to make too!!!!!!

  11. My kinda veggie– SWEET!!! I love it!

  12. catherine s. says:

    wow! now THAT is a labor of love :) so glad you took a picture of it…adorable and looks delicious – great job!!!

    sidenote :: i have a thing for carrots…did you know that when I was a baby, I was fed so many strained carrots, my neck turned an orange tint for consuming a lot??? just call me catherine the chameleon ;P

  13. I can tell you that it would NOT be theraputic for me to spend an hour placing jelly beans just so, but your pictures if just beautiful and the cake is darling;)

  14. …please excuse the typos;)

  15. Selena says:

    from first glance I thought it was corn on the cob turned carrot…wonder if that is possible??

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