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1 Oct

salted peanut butter rolo cookies

OHGOODGRACIOUS!!! These cookies are UH-mazing!! Not for the casual cookie connoisseur, but definitely for the me-want-cookie lover!!

I kinda-sorta followed this recipe. No salted peanuts! I’m sorry, but this girl wants sweet in her sweets! The salty-sweet thing? Totally on board! But biting into a crunchy un-sweet thing? No thank you ma’am! And also? I’m thinking I didn’t squish down the batter enough, I ended up with a bit of a salted peanut butter muffin! But that didn’t keep me from eating every.single.one!

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3 Sep

kit kat brownies

So. After a crazy-hectic day last week, I was majorly in need of some chocolate!

I’d remembered pinning a recipe for Kit Kat brownies recently and was praying I had the ingredients. I just might’ve heard a choir of angels sing when I opened the pantry and spotted Kit Kats and a package of brownie mix!! Hallelujah and praise the Lord!

<<<<< As I was making them, I posted this photo on Instagram and had a few interested followers, so I thought I’d give a little review here on the blog.

The girls saw me making these and were very, very intrigued. My girls love themselves some chocolate! As soon as they were out of the oven and cooled down enough, we all dove in.

Here are our comments/reviews:

  • Piper gave them a 9, but prefers her brownies straight-up and without the crunch surprise.
  • Wynter gave them a 7. Not impressed at all.
  • Hunter wasn’t intrigued with the thought of a foreign substance in her brownie and didn’t try them.
  • As for me? I actually liked them. It was a little bit weird to have crunchy goin’ on in my brownie, but it didn’t keep me from eating the rest of the pan a few more! And hey, if I’m in need a chocolate fix, I’m not gonna be fussy about it!

Would I make them again? Yeah, I think I would! But not until I try these Rolo cake bars first!

Any go-to recipes you’re loving lately?

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2 Apr

hamburger cupcake & sugar cookie fries

I found these incredible treats online a few years back and was dying to make them! I finally did it for father’s day {in 2009 … where does the time go?!?} … needless to say, they were a hit and super yummy too!

When my girl’s birthdays roll around, we like to do something fun for their school treat. In trying to find a clever “something” for Piper’s birthday last week, I reminded her of  these treats and she was all over it!

Needless to say … they were a hit and still super yummy!

Now to find another clever “something” for Hunter’s birthday coming up next week …

Any suggestions for a fun treat?

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14 Feb

happy valentine’s day!!

Our church was having a bake sale and I volunteered to bring in a few goodies! Since I was in a festive spirit and had recently come across these yummies on Pinterest, I decided to go festive for the bake sale!

Brown Sugar Blondies
Sugar Cookie Squares

Do you have a bake sale favorite?

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11 May

a “pin” gone wrong

In theory, this awesomeness from pinterest is a sweet-lover’s dream recipe! In practicality … summin’ gone wrong!

So you start with a few simple ingredients …

Press the cookie dough into each tin well; place a Reese’s on top of the cookie dough; pour prepared brownie batter on top of that; and bake at 350 for 18ish minutes.

YUM, right?! Okay, but be honest … are you thinking these are looking a little “off?” Just a little?

Yeah … cuz they were! I ended up with a Pinstrosity. The photo above shows the best of the best …

This is what the rest of them looked like.

I’m not quite sure what I did wrong. Anyone?

Regardless, I’m not gonna lie … the pairing of these ingredients didn’t keep me from nibbling on their yumminess. Ugly maybe, but tasty none-the-less.

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