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it’s back …

Optic Neuritis that is.  It’s back in my other eye.  It started Sunday after church … vision loss.  Not so much pain {thank goodness!}, but things are pretty blurry outta my right eye.

And now I gotta go back for IV steroid treatments … asap.  As the longer I wait, the more permanent the damage becomes.

Here’s the thing … I’ve been dealing with some other kinds of ‘heavy’ right now … but the great thing was that I’d felt God had lifted my MS and symptoms so that I could deal with the other issues at hand.  I’d really been feeling great lately!  Some minor numbing and this crazy-icky ear pain that comes and goes … but overall, I’ve been doing really well.

Until Sunday.  Right after church.  Great message … great service … great worship.  And then as I’m walking out to the car, I realize my vision is all screwed up.  I thought maybe I had some eye-gunk {sorry!} in there, but nope.  Nothing.  Just blur.

Anyway … can I be honest?  I’m feeling a bit like Job … in fact I mentioned in a recent Bible study that if God wants me to be His Job … if that’s what it takes for my life to glorify Him.  Then so be it!

This absolutely sucks the sucky … but will I back down in my trusting of Him?  Never.  It’s because of Him and His promises that I can stand faithful.

Anyhoo … I didn’t take well to the steroids last time … so would love if you could lift me in prayer over the next week or so?  It took my body a while to recover from them last time.  Thank you, thank you!  I’m feeling blessed knowing you’re out there and care!

And … because no post is fun without a photo … here’s one I took of the girls yesterday on the train to Chicago.  They had a legit day off of school, so we headed to the Shedd Aquarium for a visit with the marine life!

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20 Responses to “it’s back …”

  1. Cindy B says:

    you’ve been on my mind lately. praying for your strength and healing…

  2. Michelle says:

    Praying for you!!! We serve an awesome God who is bigger than anything that tries to come against us! We are claiming healing in Jesus name and counting it done!

  3. dawn says:

    xoxo… adding this to my prayer list. hurry into the dr to get that treatment. i know you have a long list of other to-dos… but you are important too :) love you!

  4. cathy says:

    Oh, T. Our hearts and best wishes and prayers are with you. Sending big, big hugs!

  5. Nancy says:

    NO!!!!!!! This absolutely sucks the sucky!! You’re in my prayers. I know you’ll stand strong & “be ok!” On the up side, just typing the phrase “sucks the sucky” made me smile and even giggle a little. I will smirk throughout the day as I pray for you and acknowledge that this SUCKS THE SUCKY!!

  6. ann says:

    Tracie, will definately pray for you! Felt bad, here I was going on about booking a possible session in the Spring/Summer – when in fact you have a lot on your plate. Hope you enjoyed the trip to the city with the girls. Take Care and keep us posted!.

  7. {{{hugs}}}
    will be praying.

  8. stacey says:

    Praying friend. The picture is beautiful. For some reason, It makes me think of the passing of time between the crucifixion and the resurrection – the time between. Waiting, waiting….and then glory revealed, the plan and the way made clear. All was not lost, because He conquered death.

    As you are living in the “Saturday” moments between the “cross” and the “resurrection”, know that He will not delay. He has a plan, He will make it clear, and as you fix your eyes on Him, He will bring victory. It is who He is.

    love you.

  9. Kate says:

    Sending lots of prayers, positive thoughts, love and hugs your way!!! xoxo!!!!

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  11. Terry says:

    You are always in my thoughts and praying that whatever it is that you are dealing with that you will be okay. I am sorry to hear that MS has made a reappearance in such a bad way. I hope you can deal with the steriods and that you find relief soon. love ya girlfriend~

  12. You are ALWAYS in my PRAYERS… :):):) I am so sorry you are dealing with this along with all that other stuff. HUGS and LOVE and KISSES!!!

  13. Melissa says:

    I am so sorry you are going through this and hope you are feeling better..praying for you as you lean on the everlasting arms of love. Big hugs, sister friend!

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  15. andrea says:

    I am glad that I found your post. Your words are an awesome reminder to us all!! I will be delighted to lift you up in prayer!!

  16. cyndi says:

    Lifting you up my friend!!!!

  17. Tracie D says:

    big sigh….. Life = lemons. But you= lemonade. You quench me. Love and prayer for you.

  18. Marta says:

    Prayers coming your way. I know how hard it was on you when it happened before – wish we could take it all away. What a great mom! The pix reminded me of you being with me for chemo – wish I could return the favor but your mom is even better. Love you!

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  20. terrie says:

    how are your eyes tracie? i’m praying for your full recovery. i love you.

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