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3 Apr

“i prayed!”

You might remember the other day I mentioned Grace? Wynter’s potential new pony? And how we weren’t sure? And she was having a ride that afternoon which would give us a better indication if it was a good fit for her?

Well … it didn’t go well. At all.

Wynter seemed completely confused in her riding, which made Grace even more confused. And frankly, they looked like a hot mess of skills colliding in the arena.

I took lots of video, both of Wynter riding and of her trainer “training.”

I talked to Wynt on the ride home and gently suggested she should take time to study the video, listen to her trainer, and see what she could do differently the next day … her last ride with Grace — the decision making ride — is this the pony for her, or would we have to keep looking?

She seemed intent on what I was saying and determined to have a good ride the next day. Welllll … when we got home, she went to her room to change and seemed to come out as quickly as she went in. I asked if she studied the video and she told me, “not really.”

I was disappointed.

If this pony meant as much to her as she told me, why didn’t she care enough to put a little effort into having a better ride?

The next day, I picked her up from school and as we headed to her lesson, I gently prepared her for the fact that Grace may not be the pony for her and it may not work out. And if it didn’t, I fully trusted there was an even better pony out there for her.

She agreed.

I was so nervous as I watched her begin her lesson. Pretty much sitting on the edge of my seat.

And then.

Something happened.

She looked like a completely different rider from just the day before. I was shocked. Seriously shocked.

And then this …

Her first time jumping!! She’s been wanting to learn to jump so badly over the last month, but the time just hadn’t come yet. She still had things to learn to prepare for this next step.

I heard her trainer futzing with the standard cups {the things that hold the pole you jump over}, and I thought, “no … that can’t be for Wynt.”

Sure enough. She put the poles up and had Wynter pop over them. She even raised them once!

When her lesson was over, her horse put away, and we were walking to the car, I asked her what made such a huge difference in her riding from the day before?

She answered so matter-of-factually, “I prayed!”

She went on to explain, the day before when she went to her room to change {when *I* thought she should be studying her video}, she spent 20 minutes praying asking God to help her in her riding.

Sigh. It’s moments like these my children teach me a thing or two about faith.

Is there a time your child “out-faithed” you?

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15 Feb

i will pray!

Apart from God, we can do nothing. Which is why we pray. The power of prayer is unlike any power we can fathom … beyond our realm of knowledge.

We pray for the ones we love, for jobs, for healing, for peace, safety, and direction. There are numerous things we pray for in a days time.

But do you know we’re called to pray for those who need to hear the Gospel? To know the salvation found in our loving Savior?

There are 340 million people, nearly one-third of the world’s language groups, who are waiting for God’s Word in a language they can understand clearly.

Imagine. Opening the Bible and seeing only blank pages … it’s the same thing as looking at a Bible not understanding a word it says. This video at The Seed Company website illustrates this point beautifully.

We all have a vital role in God’s mission for this world … prayer.

And to lead the way in this effort, The Seed Company, has released a 40-day devotional ebook, that’s available free! This devotional, Jesus Brings Freedom, is the perfect guide to prayer during this Lent season.

Would you commit to joining us?

It was my honor to write two days of devotions in this beautifully crafted devotional. I wrote on both forgiveness and redemption. Both tie in perfectly with my new book, 31 Days of Forgiveness, of which all proceeds are being donated directly to The Seed Company.

How many Bibles does your family own?

Have you ever thought what it might be like to open your Bible,
only to find blank pages?

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9 Mar

anyone need help in their parenting?

I don’t know about y’all, but when it comes to parenting, I need all the help I can get! Following are some great resources that I know will encourage you! {click on each image to be taken directly to each source}

31 days of prayer for our daughters was put together by the MODsquad team from a 31 days series we did last October. The prayers are beautiful and encouraging, but most of all, they’re important! One of the greatest things we can do for our children is to pray over their lives . . . starting now! {I’m also a contributor to the book}

And for you mom’s of boys out there . . . I give you . . . Warrior Prayers! I haven’t read it, well, you know . . . cuz I bred a house full of female hormones, but I know Brooke’s heart and writing, and I know it’ll bless you and your boys!

And THIS book . . . this one is gold! Hope for the Weary Mom speaks directly into my tired, exhausted, weary mom heart. It’ll encourage you. It’ll bless you. And it’ll relieve you to know you’re not alone in your weary momness! I mean . . . come on, who doesn’t need that?

And here’s a little something we put together at the MODsquad blog. It’s a free, printable scripture card for you and/or your daughters to memorize and tuck away into your hearts and Bibles!

There ya have it friends . . . a few resources for you to look into. I have no doubt they’ll encourage and bless you!

Have an awesome weekend!


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20 Sep

31 days of prayer

Will you join us in October?

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19 Aug

childlike faith + prayer

Join me as I share my thoughts on the MODsquad blog today.

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