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memories {tuesdays unwrapped}


Taylor started riding when she was four years old.  We were on a trip to Ireland, decided to go horseback riding and Taylor was instantly hooked!  When we got home she started lessons almost right away and her passion for the sport only got stronger and stronger.

{Taylor :: 8 years old}

Taylor stopped riding about a year ago.  But on our recent trip to Ireland, guess what we did?  And guess who’s hooked?

It was beautiful watching her ride again.  It was just like old times … her whole face lights up when she’s on the back of a horse.  Seems she didn’t forget a thing …

Seems I didn’t either … there’s this feeling I get taking photos of her riding.  Somehow hard to explain, but almost like we’re one … her, the horse, and my lens.  I think my passion for photography got strongest when she was riding.  It was a great thrill to snap the shutter just as she was mid-air and flying over a jump.

I even had a riding website for Taylor and it’s still active if you care to take a look-see.  I browsed through it yesterday … and all those memories seem like mere moments ago.  It reminds me once again that we have them for but mere moments.  We need to remember to cherish, enjoy and make memories while we can …

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12 Responses to “memories {tuesdays unwrapped}”

  1. Liz says:

    Your girls are so, so blessed to have you as their mom. I love to hear the joy in your heart as you write about them. I am so glad Taylor has reunited with a passion of hers – it sounds like things are on the upswing for her lately and I am so happy for you both!!

  2. Amy says:

    So glad that you and Taylor are making these memories. You are both going to have a great year!

  3. heather says:

    love that tay is riding again!!! and i hope she loves it now more than ever!!!

  4. wow – she so strongly resembles her 8 year old self!! She is so beautiful!
    And you capture the spirit of the sport so wonderfully.

    Hope you have a peaceful day my friend!

  5. Nicole Andreasen says:

    love your work! I would like to set something up soon! Who is this song by? I am dancin in the kitchen, Thanks:)

  6. Beautiful to watch a horse and rider connecting so well. Wonderful shots and memories!

  7. Sharon Cohen says:

    I envy her the freedom of flight, the power of the horse and a camera to preserve the moment of memory. She is blessed to have you. I have been blessed to have found your blog through Tuesdays Unwrapped.

  8. I think she looks so much like you!!!! At first glance I even thought it could have been YOU as a girl! Thanks for reminding us all to CHERISH every single second of precious childhood.

  9. tara says:

    this reminds me that i haven’t been horseback riding in FAR too long. i love these shots and sentiments.

  10. yes yes yes. mere, fleeting moments. tomorrow’s daisy’s first day of 8th grade. fleeting moment. ::hugs::
    p.s. fun little riding site, btw. =)

  11. Southern Gal says:

    Yes, we have them for just a moment. Incredible photos. It amazes me to see little children riding those huge animals. I’m a little scared of horses…

  12. Dawn says:

    tracie, what a gift for her… and for you. to revisit this connection and fall in love all over again!

    laura also has a love for horses. she has ridden occasionally, but it can’t be the priority right now. but… she volunteers at an equestrian center that specializes in horse therapy for kids. i wonder if there is something like that by you? taylor might find some joy in it… watching kids fall in love with horses and all that comes with it!

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