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that time i called the police …

If you’ve read Tuesday’s post and you’re back to read about a paranoid momma calling the police to check in on her daughter, then you’ll either need to be patient, or skim to the end of this post.

First, I wanted to share a bit how Taylor’s doing. I’m not gonna lie, these first couple of weeks, she’s had a pretty tough go of it! To keep things in perspective, we understand these are first world problems – Taylor’s very blessed – but still, when your baby’s alone, away from you, and dealing with responsibilities she hasn’t had before, it’s bound to break your heart a little.

SCAD had a late start, which I’m so very thankful for! We needed that extra month to get things in order and spend some time together while her sisters were in school. SCAD’s student and family orientation started on Friday, the 13th {thinking about it now, maybe that should’ve been our first clue?}, so Taylor and I brought her horse down on Thursday.

We’d been doing some practice with the trailer – without her horse in it – it was like driver’s ed all over again! When the time came, she was fairly comfortable and ready to load the horse and drive it down to Savannah herself. She followed me most of the way. I really didn’t know it was possible to be all “white-knuckled” when I wasn’t pulling the trailer! Goodness, I was a wreck! But half way down, we both started to relax a little and she did an amazing job.

We got Taylor and “Joe” all settled at their new home {barn} and – given that the SCAD equestrian team tryouts were early Sunday morning – Taylor was asked to set up a lesson for the following day, and the only time available was the start time of orientation.

We said yes, she’d be there. And I started feeling a tad guilty that she’d miss most of Friday’s orientation.

There’s always been a bit of a stigma that riding should come second. Other things should take priority. I remember when she was younger and on a soccer team, she couldn’t make some of the games because of Pony Club events. The soccer coach knew going in that Taylor’s passion and priority was riding, but he made it very clear she was letting the team down each time she didn’t show up to a game and let us know it’s not like she’d be riding forever.

Anyway, when we showed up to check-in for orientation and got instructions on where to go, etc. we apologetically explained that she was going to miss most of the session. He looked at her – in full riding gear – and assured us that riding definitely takes a priority and it was no problem. I was stunned!

Taylor had definitely found her home.

Sunday morning she had her tryout, but Sunday afternoon she’d found out she made the team, Sunday night she had a team meeting she needed to attend, Monday morning she started school, and she’s been running at 100 mph ever since!

Monday, we received a call that Joe {her horse, for those of you skimming} was very, very sick. A belly thing. Belly things with horses can be life threatening for them. One never messes around when your horse has a belly thing. The vet sedated Joe, flushed him full of fluids and started an IV. Joe wasn’t getting any better and they couldn’t control his pain any further, so by that afternoon Joe was taken to the hospital. It was touch and go for a few days, but Joe recovered on his own – no surgery was needed – and we were praising God! The following Sunday Joe was happily back in his stall at the barn.

After that first call with Joe, it’s been one thing after another. I won’t go into all the details, but let’s just say the final straw came when she burned her hands two weeks later by spilling hot soup all over them! I realized then, the enemy is doing everything possible to get my girl!

She was doing her best to not get discouraged, but that night was a low.  I’ve had to remind her that in a very short period of time, her life is completely different!

She has more responsibilities now than she’s ever had, and with that comes extra stress and pressures. I truly believe she loves being at school and is enjoying the experience of it.

But the stress of it all is getting to her a bit more than either of us are comfortable with. I know it’ll take time for her, and I’m confident she’ll continue to find her way. Most of all, I’m so very proud of her and I just wish she’d be a little easier on herself.

SCAD Equestrian Team Places Second at FSU

Annnnnnndddd … if you made it this far and are still interested about a certain mommy-called-the-police story … here goes!

So. Taylor’s phone – like most of us – is her right hand … basically an extension of herself. We were talking one night, maybe her third night away, and she says she has to go because the furniture delivery guys are there. We hang up and I text her a half hour later … with no reply. I was at the Apple store and needed the password to her computer, so I called her … with no reply. I text, I call, I call, I text. For like the next 10 minutes … with no reply.

My heart starts beating faster.

I remember we have an app that shows me her location, and I quickly see she’s at her apartment. I contact her boyfriend, “Have you talked to Taylor?” Turns out the last time he heard from her was the same time I’d last heard from her. Since I arranged the delivery to Taylor’s apartment, I had the delivery guy’s phone number. I called him … with no reply.

My heart was pretty much pounding out of my chest now. It’d been a full hour since I’d last heard from her. I decided to call the police.

They assured me they’d send an officer over right away. After we hung up, it occurred to me I had the delivery guy’s phone number and I was pretty sure the police would need it to trace his phone. So I called back again and explained that to them. They weren’t as patient with me that time. Hmmmm … wonder why?

FINALLY!! Taylor calls. “The police?!?! Really mom!?!”

I burst into tears and I think everything I’d been holding for the last few days was released … well that, and the fact I was a tad relieved to know she hadn’t been hauled off somewhere by the delivery guy!

Turns out she was doing homework in her kitchen, while her phone was silently being charged in her bedroom.

I don’t think either of us will make that mistake again! Her – charging her phone on silent. Me – trying to give the police the delivery guy’s number {cuz a situation just may arise where I think my girl’s in danger and you’d better believe I be calling the po-po for that!}.

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5 Responses to “that time i called the police …”

  1. Barbie says:

    You’re a good mama. I would have called the police too. I can’t imagine being away from my girls (or my boys). It’s hard letting them go, to live their lives and make their choices. Hang in there friend.
    Barbie recently posted..Day 6: To Know The Truth

  2. Melanie says:

    All’s well that ends well! And, a great story to tell the grandkids ;)

  3. Beth Gronland says:

    This is one that is going down in the family history books! One that will be told at family gatherings and everyone will remember what a kind sweet soul you are one that not only loves but protects from afar……… We parents of college kids are not given a handbook, I wish they did! I will be honest and tell you that it does get a bit easier as time goes on, but that “mama bear syndrome” never ever leaves….. Here is a fun example to realize your not alone.

    Homecoming night at the football game: Scott and I go out to dinner with some friends and the kids too. We all go to the game, but parents ARE NOT allowed near the student section. Okay Okay I will sit in the parents section (even though I’m a teacher at the school) Alli is off with her friends… Jenni is doing her POM routine for the last time – senior year, Gabi is playing drums in the Pep Band. I’m taking all kinds of photos – kind of in my own world. The game ends no one can find Alli! I am in complete panic mode and go to the police to have her found, meanwhile I am texting calling and texting her sisters to see if they have her (sound familiar) they can’t find her…. All of a sudden I see her in a crowd of people by the food line. I run over and give her HUGE hug and she says “I had so much fun, but am starving!” “You just ate, We have been looking for you all over the place!” Out of the corner of my eye the police just nod and smile. Needless to say, she is getting a phone next weekend. :) Will that make it any better? Would if she never answers it?

    We are all in this together and I feel ya sista! I feel ya!

  4. jackson says:

    It’s a good attempt to be a police. from the shown picture you look like have received many achievement from the college. keep up the good work

  5. Fabio Amorin says:

    You’re a good mama. I would have called the police too.

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