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one door closes, another opens …

“Faith never knows where it is being led,
but it loves and knows the One Who is leading.”
~ Oswald Chambers

I know I shouldn’t be … but sometimes I can’t help but be in total awe of the way God works in my life!

There was something in our lives the girls and I were looking so forward to. I can’t share all the details at this point … but trust me when I say this “something” filled us with joy and filled a void we’d been feeling for while now.

We’d made some changes in our lives over the last few months relying on this “something” to come to fruition. Our whole everything was wrapped up and counting on it.

And then God decided to shut the door on our “something.”

We were devastated. Truly.

I heard God telling me He had something better in store for us, but in my despair and selfishness, I pushed His promises aside. In fact, I selfishly argued that we’d been through enough and deserved something positive to happen in our lives.

Arrogance much?

Fortunately, I’ve learned not to drag out my arguments with God and within a day had dried my tears, turned my heart around, and decided to trust Him. After all, trusting Him is a choice we’ve been given.

Faith is a choice.

I don’t always know what His plans are, but I can choose to always trust.

And wouldn’t you know? The very next day — the day after I stopped pouting and started trusting, just two days after our devastating news — God opened the door to a much better “something” for us. Something we’d never of seen or been aware of had He not closed that first door.

Once the girls and I were absolutely settled on knowing this second “door” was the best option for us …

Wouldn’t you know? That first door opened up again.

Even though that original door has opened to us, we know in our hearts the second option is better and what’s best for us. And we never would’ve seen it had God not redirected our paths.

Some may say it’s “coincidence.” And sure, it all could be, I’ll give you that. But I prefer to believe God is leading and directing my coincidences in this life.

Have you ever had a door shut only to realize God had something much better in store?

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6 Responses to “one door closes, another opens …”

  1. Jackie says:

    I don’t even believe in coincidence any more. God is always at work even when we can’t see it. Your book has been a wonderful thing for me at this time, and I know God is going to use it in a mighty way. Blessings to you and your girls!
    Jackie recently posted..Finished Project, a Table

  2. denna says:

    thanks for sharing and encouraging me this morning :) I know that feeling of waiting and waiting for something, and then another door opens and it’s amazing how things change. I’m waiting for a door (any door!) to open up right now and it feels like a long wait. I remind myself to think of Joseph and his long wait, and Moses, too. They had very long waits for very unexpected doors…..
    denna recently posted..It’s The Amazing Sock Carnival!!

  3. dawn says:

    He has a way…a beautiful way. even when we can’t view it as beautiful right now. you DO deserve something fantastic… but we are also thankful to not get all we deserve :) i think i read that in a fabulous book with a big blue flower on the front! but i am thankful for your journey of the doors, and ultimately using your God-given wisdom to make the choice! xo
    dawn recently posted..when they come home…

  4. Cat Moore says:

    Wow! So happy for you! Isn’t God so amazing….and doesn’t He have such a sense of humor it seems sometimes. Goodness it’s a mess and emotional sometimes, but it’s all for a reason. ;) Well now I’m just wondering what all these “doors” are! Love you!

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  6. Katherinemarie says:

    Such an awesome reminder!!!!! My plans are never as great as
    Gods plans! :):)

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