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post broadway paper

We were outside a few weeks ago … right during the time when most of the days were still hiding Spring, let alone showing any signs of summer … when the afternoon sun brought a warm spell.  We were just coming in from a walk when the girls came across a puddle in the drive.

Have I mentioned before what a killjoy and taskmaster I am?  Mostly because I’m in a hurry to complete the next task, get on with life, stick to the schedule …

The girls mischievously started slowly walking through the puddle while getting small glimpses of me and my reaction.  My instincts {and old ways} started saying “no, no … get out of the puddle, we’ve got to get in” … when something inside me said, “Nope, you actually don’t have anything to go inside for.  Spend some time out here with the kids.”

And so I did.

I smiled at them to let them know it was okay and they had a blast.  I sat out there watching them get soaked, then strip down to undies, and splash away!

summer fun in the puddle

Curt came on the scene and played with us a while when he said, “Want me to get your camera?”  Um, yeah … do you have to ask?  :)

You know those moments that are electrically charged with emotion?  This was one of those times and what’s really cool … my husband recognized it and wanted me to capture it on film.

Each of the girls were busy doing their own thing and I felt blessed to watch it unfold in front of me.

Wynter is ever the drama girl.  I’ll often walk into a room to find her in her own world, singing a completely made up song, oblivious to anything going on around her.  This day was no different … she hopped up on a rock and started putting on a show.  I love that her shows are for no one but herself.  She truly had no idea I was watching or taking photos.  In fact, if I would’ve asked her to ‘perform’ … she’d clam up and hide.  She’s a special free spirit …

summer fun in the puddle

And then there’s my beautiful Piper.  She spent a long time looking at rocks and hunting for fossils.  She actually found one too … a worm fossil.  That got her all excited and hunting for more.

When she was done exploring, she asked me to take photos of her jumping in the puddle.  Love the big wind up, the jump, and proud finish!

summer fun in the puddle

So back to the original purpose of this post … bear with me {I’m gettin’ there}!

The day I took these photos, wasn’t too long after I had sold the store.  In fact, the girls were still in school.

I’m the kind of person that gets anxious and feels ‘busy’ if I have 3 unaswered emails sitting in my inbox {please tell me I’m not the only one like this!}.  So the day I took these photos, I was still trying to ‘relax’ and realize I have plenty of time to get things done.  I should no longer be in a hurry to get to my next task … but it was pretty hard for me to actually allow myself to relax …

That said … I’m doing it!  I’m actually relaxing!  I’m enjoying summer with the kids … I’m slowing down.

I’ve had some photoshoots here and there, and I’m not stressing myself out over getting to the photos and editing and getting them delivered.  I’ve set my guidelines so that I can ‘give’ myself what I need for timing.  My goal isn’t to be crazy and all consumed … so far it’s going well.


I feel like I’m having a hard time writing this post and I’m not sure why.  I’ve got all kinds of feelings and thoughts that have been rattling around for a while and now I can’t get them out.

I guess the bottom line is … I’m feeling peace.  A lot of peace.  Letting go of the store was not as hard as I thought it would be.  And I suppose that means I was truly ready to let it go.  I’m exhilarated at the opportunies I now have to be ‘present’ with my family.

  • I’ve been able to take the girls every day to swim team and tennis at our local club {something i’ve missed out on the last 2 summers}.
  • The girls and I have been doing summer projects and crafts.
  • I’ve been able to do summer workbooks and reading with the girls.
  • Taylor will be going to a new school next year, which is going to be difficult for our family.  But we have a much better chance at making it work now that I’m home.  I’m blessed to be able to present her with the opportunity to make this move.
  • We’ve had a wonderfully consistent schedule this summer.  For some reason, it’s crazy busy … but I’m here.  I’m here with them.
  • I have. not. been stressed to get to my computer.  In fact, where I couldn’t wait to get in front of it … now I almost dread it.  And I’m at peace with that.
  • Taylor was signed with a modeling agency, so I’ve been able to help her work on getting her portfolio together and help her grow.
  • I’ve been able to have better devotion with God.
  • I’ve been exercising.
  • I’m working on setting up my goals for the non-profit part of my business.
  • My studio is coming together.
  • I’m catching up with friends.
  • I’m living.
  • I’m at peace.

I guess a person really can’t ask for more than that, can they?  I am blessed.

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5 Responses to “post broadway paper”

  1. LobotoME says:

    YIPPEE!!! You’ve done it and become all ZEN and present! Hope you all continue to have a wonderful summer ~ xo, jenny

  2. Leslie says:

    This post makes me smile. I am glad you’re achieving that ever-elusive peace!! I, too, am the “taskmaster” kind of Mom, and letting go is difficult. Once again, you’ve inspired me . . . I can see that it is achievable. :) Happiness!

  3. Lisa Mahnke says:

    It’s all good TSJ! You have done it.

  4. cyndi says:

    What a wonderful post – so full of real emotion and sincerity. I absolutely love the photos of the girls doing their own thing and appreciate so much the peek inside their personality. Your sweet thoughts on them brought tears to my eyes!

    I’m so happy you’ve found peace!! I know how hard it can be to slow down and stop being such a taskmaster but once you do, it’s a pretty amazing feeling :-) I hope you continue to have a wonderful summer…

  5. Pam S. says:

    is it not AMAZING when a husband does something like THAT for his spouse?! that is love. these photos are gorgeous, timeless, inspired, a moment in time you will cherish forever. quite possibly, that their grandkids will cherish. ** tonight, i talked with a calligrapher for smockpaper.com, who lives in port washington. i bought their cards at ‘your’ store during the december session in your building. well, those cards have caused quite a stir in my life. i must tell you the stories sometime… debi, of the blooming quill, and i talked about you and bringing fabulous, quality products to milwaukee. and how it can keep coming, through Kate, freeing you to pursue photography & the moments of life with your loved ones. sorry for the long comment. warmly, pam strohl

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