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swim team!

The girls had their first meet this past week!

One of the oddities in NC {well for us anyway, coming from “up nort”} is that swim team starts in the middle of May!  And they take this hard core serious down here!  The meet lasted nearly four hours!  And we even left before it was finished as it was well past bedtime!

The girls displaying which heat and stroke they’ll be doing … are ya lovin’ Wynter’s face on this one?

The club has been sending desperate sounding emails asking for parent volunteers.  We missed the prior weeks meets because the girls were in camps all day … so I was feeling a bit guilty we hadn’t been there and that I hadn’t volunteered.  So sure, what the heck! tired-mama-fresh-from-the-horse-show raises her hand to volunteer.  My job was to time the heats in lane four.  But no worries, half way through I’d be relieved with a second set of volunteers.

Unbeknownst to me … half way meant TWO hours!  I innocently asked another timer how long the meets typically last, and when she replied “four hours,” I was pretty sure I hadn’t heard her right.  Or maybe she didn’t hear the question right.

I was wrong.

The meets starts in the blazing heat of day … and see, down here it actually gets hotter later in the day.  So yeah.  I’m a big ol’ ball of sweat, standing on already worn out feet, timing races.  And … the girls weren’t even in my lane!  I missed their first heat completely.  But figured when relief came, I would see their second and third heats.

But yeah.  That relief?  It never came.  Not for my lane anyway.  How big of a tease is that?  Everyone else is getting relieved and I’m standing there with feet that have fallen asleep.  Literally.  They do that when you have MS and it’s acting up.  :(

Anyhoo … by the second half, I got a little bolder and asked my compadres to cover me while I watched the girls heats and snapped some photos.

This is Wynter diving in for the breaststroke … smooooth.

And this is Piper flailing diving in … um, not so smooooth. ;)  I think my favorite part of the photo though, is Wynter {to the left of Piper} with arms crossed looking at her like she’s nuts.

And this is Wynter struggling with her butterfly … um, definitely not smooth.  And be sure to watch the quick video too {I was able to get that a few weeks ago during a timed trial}.

And then maniac Piper. The first image is from her breaststroke {where she beat her fastest time, ahem}. And the second two were her butterfly … where she forgot goggles. And took a breather to wipe her eyes mid-lane.

Yep!  Them’s my girls!  Not concerned with technique or time or … well, goggles.  They have fun, they’re in the water, they’re together, they get slushies … what else is there?

Have yourselves a great weekend y’all!

{p.s.  it seems like just yesterday that i tweeted this pic!}

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8 Responses to “swim team!”

  1. Holly says:

    I have so many fun memories of swimming as a kid! :D

    LOL at the photo of Wynter watching Piper diving in! I think it needs a caption. :P
    Holly recently posted..And now for something decidedly more cheerful!

  2. Granny/Mom says:

    Oh how I miss all the times I took them to swim and watched them. The best part of their day was when the instructor would pick them up and toss them in the water. They sure do enjoy being in the water and being with each other. Not to mention *good swimmers too*

  3. Karri says:

    How fun!!!
    I have friends in GA and so I am familiar with the long swimming days/season!
    I am impressed w/ her butterfly. That’s such a hard stroke!!!

    LOVE the pic of Piper flailing into the water. He he. And all of Wynter’s expressions. Like she’s hardcore.

    Did your girls swim on a team in WI? My 7yo wants to join a team, but I am resisting for summer, since its indoors (who wants to be indoors all summer? ick).
    Karri recently posted..Handmade

  4. These are such FANTASTIC SHOTS!!! Make the FOUR LONG HOURS worth every second!!!
    katherinemarie recently posted..7 Rainy Day Activites

  5. heather says:

    Dude, I think if you keep your head above water during butterfly, you’ve already won!! And Wynter’s expressions are cracking me up too, but seriously can’t shut my mouth as I’m in SHOCK over how old she looks. When did that girl grow up???
    heather recently posted..Summer Fun No. 5, Balloon Tennis

  6. Dawn says:

    Love the pics of the girls and you’re synopsis of each heat is hilarious. You certainly have a gift for words Tracie! Keep the pics and stories coming! Love ya!

  7. Cathy says:

    This post brings back so many memories of 5-6 yrs. ago when my daughter was on the swim team. I know too well about being stuck timing or even worse…being a stroke judge. Not to mention…the dreaded concession stand! Your girls are too cute! Just wanted to pop in and say hi. :)

  8. That’s hardcore volunteering right there. Did you get a medal?! Great photos!

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