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time with hunter

Last Tuesday, Hunter and I visited the Milwaukee Public Museum for our Tuesday adventure.  The museum is featuring the Titanic exhibit and I was curious to see it.  We were given boarding passes with a passengers name and then at the end of the exhibit, you could check the passenger list to see if you survived or not.

Huntie was a little. bit. cranky at the end of the exhibit, so I was never able to check.  But we had our photos taken, and they laminated it on the boarding pass.  I’m a sucker for cheesy memorabilia like that.  In the photo, you can see Hunter proudly displaying her boarding pass.
She was anxious to move on to the butterfly exhibit and see the dinosaurs, so we left and toured the rest of the museum before we headed home.  I have such a fun time with her.
And for today’s field trip, we met Heather and EJ at the Children’s Museum for a little playtime.  Aren’t they cute??
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  1. heather says:

    well i sure think so! :-) thanks for playing with us!

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