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what i wore wednesday

Horse shows. Horse shows. Horse shows.

That pretty much sums up what I’ve been doing these days! But who’s to say one can’t look cute while mucking stalls and all the other fun things that come along with being a horse show mom?

And so … I decided to link up with Lindsey today for an edition of What I Wore Wednesday!

This is me looking none-to-happy with the way-too-early departure for the barn. Oh, but wait! I can manage a smile when the teen comes around!

shorts — american eagle
shoes — sperry

shirt — gap
belt — gap
shorts — j.crew
shoes — sperry {dirt optional}

shirt — any guesses why I’m representing?
belt — gap
shorts — j.crew
shoes — sperry

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3 Responses to “what i wore wednesday”

  1. katherine marie says:

    you look sooooooo goood!!!!!! gorgeous I tell ya!

  2. erin lavallee says:

    Savanna College of Art and Design??

  3. Rhonda Jenkins says:

    Cute! Love the gingham!

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