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deep sighing …

I was holding my teen the other day when I felt it …

A deep sigh.

In a conversation a while ago with my dear friend Terrie, we talked about this thing we found ourselves doing rather frequently … sighing.

Deep sighing.

We discussed our theories on why that may, or may not be … our deep sighing that is … and just resigned to the fact, sometimes a girl’s just gotta do some deep sighing.

So when I saw this image on Pinterest recently, I thought of her immediately and had to send it.

She understood.

It’s true. Sometimes you just cannot sigh quite deep enough.

So when I was holding Taylor and felt her deep sigh, I remembered this image, and my conversation with Terrie and I thought I’d write about it.

And then of course, with that seed planted, I started becoming aware. Of other sighing being done around me.

When I hold my youngest — after she’s had her feelings hurt by her sisters — and she’s on my lap crying and finally I feel it.

A deep sigh.

Or when I’m walking a horse out, and he’s anxious or moving quickly … and then?

He sighs deeply. And relaxes. And decides to walk calmly beside me.

When I looked up the definition of “sigh,” I was surprised by one of the definitions and it actually brought tears to my eyes — for Terrie, for Taylor, and even for myself:

“feel a deep yearning for {someone or something lost, unattainable, or distant}”

No wonder there are days we can’t quite sigh deep enough.

In doing a little Biblical research, I learned there were many times David {as in King David who was hiding in the wilderness from his enemy Saul} wrote about his “sighing and suffering” in the book of Psalms.

Just like David did, we need to find comfort in God’s unfailing love for us. “But I trust in your unfailing love; my heart rejoices in your salvation. I will sing to the LORD, for he has been good to me.” Psalm 13:5-6 {NIV}

In Mark 7:31-35, we read about Jesus looking up to the heavens and DEEP sighing as He was about to heal a deaf man who could hardly talk. Matthew Henry’s commentary says {paraphrasing}, “He sighed; not as if he found any difficulty in working this miracle, or obtaining power to do it from his father; but as if expressing his pity for the miseries of human life.”

I cried when I read this too. It was as if Jesus too, was sighing — or feeling — “a deep yearning for something lost, unattainable, or distant.”

I found a beautiful article from Arthur Pink, written in 1947, titled, “Prayer Sighs.” If this topic interests you at all, I encourage you to read it. Here’s a small piece of what it says:

“So by prayer sighs, we mean those agitations and breathings of soul which are virtually synonymous with groans. A “sigh” is an inarticulate declaration, an indistinct cry for deliverance. The saints are sometimes so opposed and troubled, that they cannot find language suited to their emotions: where words fail them, the thoughts and feelings of their hearts find expression in sighs and cries.”

If you’re in a season of deep sighing — whatever the reason may be — I pray you find hope today in this promise:

“And those the LORD has rescued will return. They will enter Zion with singing; everlasting joy will crown their heads. Gladness and joy will overtake them, and sorrow and sighing will flee away.” Isaiah 35:10 {NIV}

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10 Responses to “deep sighing …”

  1. Barbie says:

    I always knew there was profound meaning to my deep sighs. Thank you for sharing this post.
    Barbie recently posted..Day 10: The Heavens Declare The Glory of God

  2. Susan Lesperance says:

    Tracie, your wisdom and words bring great comfort to your readers whether you write about deep sighs or sky high joys. Your words are strengthened by your research and sharing of the Bible verses that give us greater insight into your topic or articles that will provide us with knowledge to get us through dark times. Thank you for all that you do…it is important and valued.

  3. Amy says:

    Very interesting, Tracie. I’ve never actually heard this topic like this. Clearly God gave you eyes to see something new! Love it!
    Amy recently posted..Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

  4. Rhonda Jenkins says:

    Thanks Tracie. I never thought of this, but it certainly makes sense.

    With a sigh there is a sense of hope. A feeling that we can get through this, it will be all be okay.

  5. Katherine marie says:

    You always touch my heart with your authenticity and wisdom!!

  6. Mom says:

    Beautifully written Tracie

  7. Marisa says:

    Tracie- What a wonderful post…I have thought of it many times in the last few days each time I sigh…I didn’t realize how many times I sigh as I am going through the day. Sometimes in desperation as I run after my 3 year old twins, sometimes as I rock our baby at the end of the day signifying we made it through another day given to us by the Lord. Your words speak to my heart and I thank you for your writing! Blessings to you Tracie!

  8. […] This post spoke to my heart.  Didn’t realize I sigh during the day until after I read this and took the time to notice.  Enjoy this post filled with wisdom by Tracie! […]

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