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a visit to the lake

We spent last week at the lake house in Wisconsin.  Went from one lake view to a new one … although a much colder climate!  We needed to switch out our swim suits, tank tops + flip-flops for much warmer gear!

Anyway … summer was definitely on the verge and the trees were blossomed and green.  I found much solace and peace during my time there.  Well … actually, I take that back a bit.  There were definitely a multitude of internal struggles, but it was a good place to be to work through some of them.  And if you’ve seen me back on twitter and facebook … you’ll see that “Tracie got her groove back.”  Well … trying anyway … :)

The girls were beyond excited to be back to their old adventures of trunk riding + suburban surfing …

We spent an afternoon picnicing at a cabin in the woods …

Creature hunting …

Fishing …

And we even made some new friends!  We had a bucket of worms ready to feed them, but they were rarely awake.  When we came back from this afternoon at the cabin all their little heads were poking out of the nest with hungry mouths open.  But by the time I got up on the ladder to take a photo, they were zzzzzz …

And yes. this is a real bear!  It must’ve been just a year or so old, cuz mommy was long gone.  But this little guy hung around all weekend.  At one point, while we were eating dinner, he was on our patio with his nose against the glass trying to get in!  Thrill of the week for my adventuresome gals … actually no, I take that back, suburban surfing was numero uno!

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14 Responses to “a visit to the lake”

  1. Shannon says:

    SO glad to see you are back to your blog and Twitter! I live in Georgia, but have family in Wisconsin. My favorite times to get away and have fun are on the lake in Lake Holcombe, WI and at the hunting shack in Ladysmith.

  2. heather says:

    Yeah, I don’t think I’d be doing much exploring with a bear that close! (but then again, i’m a wimp!)

  3. momofthreeboyz says:

    Tracie – be careful of those bears, when they are hungry they are relentless and strong!

  4. Terry says:

    welcome back…so nice to see you…even though you are many miles away it doesn’t seem like it when we can hear how you and the girls are doing…it all takes time and it is good you are taking it slow….:)

  5. dawn says:

    and life looks like it did. girls in the wilderness :) those birdies are amazing! but bear would have scared me!

    loving that your groove is coming on back :) just to see tsj makes me leap into action. cuz i was missing you. like crazy.

  6. AWESOME! sounds like so much fun. and i’m glad it was at least partially relaxing. cause from this end, it looks like i totally missed out! hahahaha… lub u. ::hugs::

  7. So fantastic to find a place to RELAX, PRAY, and SOAK in all of GOD’s blessings. YOU are getting your groove back! KEEP GOING!!!!
    katherinemarie recently posted..Little Porridge Party

  8. what a fun trip, with those polaroid type photos, it looks like you travelled back in time!
    Andrew Bailey recently posted..I am NOT a BMX bandit!

  9. looks fine to me
    Andrew Bailey recently posted..I am NOT a BMX bandit!

  10. Kate says:

    Looks like you guys had a great time! I can’t believe you had a bear on your patio!!! WOW!!! :)
    Kate recently posted..Silly Stuff…

  11. pamela says:

    oh my goodness. you must make it a tradition to go back there. the girls seem like their true selves there (or a part…). holy adventures with the bear. yikes. my grandma lives up north & takes in her bird feeders at night & every once in awhile they come on her porch. I can’t imagine. blessings to your groove.

  12. cyndi says:

    Loved seeing the pictures & having a mini-adventure without actually having to go outside! I’ll have to tell you my bear story one day :-) The girls are growing up!!! Oh my.

    Super glad you have fun!
    cyndi recently posted..exploring the city

  13. Stephanie says:

    You’re such a cool mom! When I grow up and have kids, I want to be just like you! That looks like one amazing trip. Glad you all had fun!!

  14. Karri says:

    HOLY MOLY! Look at that bear!!
    Karri recently posted..IVE MOVED!!!

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