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a visit to town {day seven}

We decided to head into the local town this morning. It’s always such a humbling experience to see how other countries live. Especially a country still considered third world. The countryside here is so beautiful. The hills, trees, landscape scattered with small one room houses … lots of acreage, some cattle. As we’re experiencing these things and seeing these things … I often wonder how my children are seeing it.

I don’t really talk to them about it … maybe I should? But I always wonder what would be the right approach. In one way it’s unfair to say these people are ‘less fortunate’ than we are. Because in most cases, they don’t know any different and don’t know they are ‘less fortunate,’ you know?

When we pray at night, we always start by thanking God for all the blessings he’s given us, and most times we’ll list out many of the blessings … including the travel we are blessed to experience.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t talk to my kids enough about stuff like this. I need to think about that …


Anyway. We headed into town on another hot, blistery day. We saw kids in school uniforms on a break. Piper and a little girl her age passed one another and gave each other the ‘stare down.’ Again, I wondered what went through each of their minds as they looked each other up and down …

Here’s Wynter in the grocery store. We always love looking at the different types of food and what’s available.


Then it was a visit to the local produce place. Everything was out in large baskets. You could smell the freshness of the veggies! Here’s Hunter picking out the best looking carrots.


Crunch! {p.s., her lips are orange from fanta, not the carrot}


And bribing with soda never gets old! I promise soda for the kids is a rare occasion {Jenny, don’t judge me! :)}


After the visit to the grocery store, where the girls got ice cream and popsicles, they needed a little crab-fest break! We found this staircase where they chilled for a bit before continuing our walk. There was a guy setting up a ‘shoe store’ on his car and the girls were completely intrigued.

The photo was kinda boring with the wall somehow the same color as their skin, so I decided to play with it a little bit …


After our jaunt in town, we headed back to the house for some swimming before lunch. Piper found a new friend to play with … this awesome looking locust-type bug. How do they tame these things?

She brought it up to her room during rest time and had it hanging out watching SpongeBob for a couple of hours. At one point, Taylor went into their room … I was sitting in the hall here on my computer and heard Taylor’s famous shriek … I knew immediately what happened. I went in laughing to find Taylor at the bottom of the bed freaking out, while Piper explained that Taylor almost squashed her new friend.


Of course, no afternoon’s complete without a game of nakie Connect Four!


And finally, this is what ‘rest time’ looks like for Taylor. Don’t remember what she was crackin’ herself up over … but I’m pretty sure it was good! :)


We had a great last day, but are ready to move on. Piper was ‘sad’ this afternoon, but couldn’t put her finger on why exactly. It was sort of sweet to see her feeling these emotions, but not quite sure what she was feeling. CJ is getting a little cranky … in fact, we told him we were putting him to bed early tonight … to which, he got a tad too excited. At one point {in the midst of three girls crying … I may or may not’ve been one of them!}, he asked, “why are you girls so touchy?”

He has no idea what he’s in for, does he?

I have a few more photos from our day here.

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  1. Heather says:

    I think it’s a tough balance to talk about. We talk with Jack (usually stemming from some project I’m working on) about people who don’t have all the things we do here and in other countries. This of course usually ends up in him brainstorming all the random things he “can’t live without”…you know important things like Apple Jacks (but I think he is getting the bigger picture). We do try to talk about the positives too though…that they have their family with them (which is the most important thing) and of course in our talks of Guatemala, we talk about all the important traditions they have too.

    PS the produce looks really yummy!!!

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