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30 Mar

birthday fun!

So … my Piper turned ten on Sunday and I wanted to share a couple of things we used to celebrate!

This was her classroom treat …

And these were her birthday invites!

Both items were inspired from things I saw on Pinterest here and here {links to original source}. But of course, I enlisted the help of my fav designer {who happens to be on maternity leave, so be sure to check in on her blog for info on when she’s back in the designing game!}.

I love when something I do from Pinterest actually works for me, cuz, um, I’ve had my share of Pinterest-fails!

How ’bout you? Are you “pin-collector?” Do you try the things you pin? Do they work for you? Have you had any major fails?

Overall, I’m woman enough to admit that I’m thoroughly addicted! Have a great weekend y’all!

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5 Jan

a wee bit giddy!

You might remember Piper’s Willy Wonka themed birthday party last March?  I may, or may not have submitted it and when I got no response, resubmitted it to Hostess with the Mostess {the best party blog ever!}.  I’d finally shrugged it off when lookie!!  It was featured yesterday!!

And this feature just may have put a little spark in my heart to get Hunter’s party {yes, from last April!} up on the blog!

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30 Nov

one thousand posts!

This post marks my one thousandth blog post.  I’ve written 1,000 posts!  Is that crazy?

1,000 posts.


4,000+ visitors a day {yesterday hit 5,000! thank you pinterest}.

3 URL’s.

6 blog makeovers.

4 different blog titles.

8.20.07 … my first post titled australia {on my iweb blog!} and here I am today … over four years later … writing my one thousandth post!

I’d also like to take a minute to give a shout out to the 246 posts {yeah, I counted them} I wrote while owner of Broadway Paper.  And I may have had to wipe away a few tears after reading this post.  And this one.  It literally seems like an eternity ago.

Anyway.  Back to the present post.  Have you heard?  It’s number one thousand!!

In other related {celebratory} news … today’s my birthday!!!

I knew this {1,000th} post would coincide with my birthday and I’ve thought long and hard about what I could do to celebrate here with you.  I think what I’ve decided on will bless big!  At least that’s my prayer!

The girls and I won’t be doing our RACK’ed activity this year … pretty much cuz we won’t be here through Christmas, but also because I’m trying hard to focus my {physical and emotional} energy on the girls and our family.

What we’re doing instead are small blessings throughout the season.  We’ve rung Salvation Army bells {people can never resist the kids!}; Operation Christmas Child; we’ll be donating many of the girls toys; the girls are each sponsoring a new Compassion child; I’m doing some anonymous giving; and we’ll be packing and donating lunches to an organization our church is involved in.  Basically just keeping an eye open for where we can help out.

There’s one other thing I wanted to do this year to bless others, but I just couldn’t get it together … mostly, I wasn’t sure how to get it together.  Someone emailed us at MODsquad last year, sharing how they put an ad on Craigslist.  The ad was something to the effect of asking for someone’s need and then filling it.  I couldn’t find the email anywhere and my obsessive mind got all caught up in the specifics/logistics and well … I just haven’t put it out there.

But!  What I did decide for this grand celebration of mine?  I’d like to bless three people this Christmas season.  It could be you or someone you know.  Someone that is really in need.  That can’t afford to buy their children gifts, food, electricity bills.  A real need.

Do you know someone?  Is it you?  Please leave a comment, or if it’s too personal, contact me through an email or the contact link at the top of the page.

The girls and I will go through all the requests {names will remain anonymous to them} and we’ll pick three needs that we’d like to help fill.  One thousand is the lucky number, because that’s how much we’ll be spending per need!  I won’t be sending cash/check … so please make it something tangible … I can call the electric company, or I can send gift cards, etc.

Make sure to have your requests to me by next week Wednesday, December 7th.  I won’t be announcing any “winners,” but I’ll contact you via email {please be sure to leave a working email address}.  If I email you and don’t hear back by Friday, December 9, we’ll choose another recipient.

I love blessing others and I’m looking forward to this giving project!

Thank you dear readers … I love connecting with you … I’m encouraged by your kind words, your support and your open hearts.  You’ve blessed me here in more ways than you know!

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4 Nov

a birthday + a treat

My Wynter turned 8 yesterday.  Eight.

Compared to last year’s party … this year was WAY low-key!  And perfect.  Just a couple of girls … a movie and dinner at a hibachi place where they know us by name we love.  Perfect.

Anyway.  I wanted to share the bday treat we brought into school yesterday.  I found it on Pinterest {of course!} … super cute, super easy and the birthday girl was on board {which is a bonus btw}.

So … here’s the before {drum roll please} …

And here’s the after!  Despicable Me minions!  Cute, no?  Seriously super easy … the original source is found here, but I’ve created a PDF of just the directions for the cupcakes and you can download it here.

I made it a little easier on myself than what the directions call for.  First, I pre-ordered the frosted cupcakes.  Second, I used frosting from a tube {black gel}, and because I ran into a little frosting fiasco {don’t ask!}, I didn’t frost the rest of the goggles in.  But hey, they’re 8 year olds … who’s gonna notice right?

Taylor and I had lunch with Wynt and Piper and I’m happy to report, the cupcakes were a hit with everyone!

After lunch, I had the seriously incredible privilege of listening to Wynter’s classmates list one adjective that describes her.  Can I just say … what an incredible thing to do!  The teacher wrote each word down on the board and created this bubble around Wynter with beautiful words that not only describe her, but also build her up.  I’m going to print out a copy of the photo and put it somewhere she can see it regularly and let it’s words soak into her heart.

Therefore encourage one another and build one another up …
1 Thessalonians 5:11 {ESV}

And, um … it was two boys who gave the words “cute” and “adorable.”  And while, yes … I agree with those sentiments whole-heartedly … it freaked me out a teeny bit.  :)

Happy birthday my precious, vibrant and full-of-life eight year old.  You care for everyone, you want to see everyone happy, you sacrifice, you do, you love.  I am blessed beyond belief to be your mama!

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30 Jun

birthday gift

Remember this calendar?  Today I thought I’d share a fun way to use it!

If you’re ever stuck with a gift idea and are looking for something fun {and not too serious}, take a look at what “day” it is and gift away!

I have a friend whose birthday is June 10 and I wanted to send her a little something.  June 10th is iced tea and ball point pen day … wa-la! instant gift idea! :)

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