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12 Jun

your fear reveals what you value …

We were on vacation recently, sitting at the pool, soaking in the sun, not a care in the world. When I noticed a sudden formation of dark and ominous clouds quickly making their way to where we were sitting.

I feared the onset of a storm was inevitable. All the signs were there.

So what’d I do? I got the girls out of the pool, quickly packed up our things and hurried us inside because of the brewing storm.

Guess what?

The storm never came. The ominous clouds stayed put, and never touched us.

Oh how often I fear the potential storms of life … looming out there on the horizon, I can see it brewing. And I just know it’s going to hit.

I get stressed out, running around here and there taking cover.

And then. The storm never comes near.

I will say to the Lord, “You are my place of safety and protection.
You are my God and I trust you.” Psalm 91:2

I’ve been reading along with She Reads Truth … we’re doing a 35 day Soul Detox devotion. It’s been so incredibly refreshing and restoring to my weary and worn-out heart. It’s sort of back-to-basic foundational truths and I love filling my heart with these truths each morning.

Through these devotions, I’ve been challenged to ask myself, “What are some of the ‘what-ifs’ that fuel my fears?”

Fear is having faith, but it’s placing your faith in the wrong things.

Fear is placing your faith in the “what-ifs.”

Am I so focused {and fearful} of those potential storms that I’m losing sight of the One who promised good things for me? Things that won’t harm me? {Jeremiah 29:11}

If I’m running around trying to seek cover from those storms I see brewing … looming … then I’d say yes, I have in fact lost sight what’s been promised to me and the One who promised.

In order to face the what-ifs of fear, you must SEEK
GOD until He takes away your fears!

Right now you’ll find me seeking, holding fast, and calling His name. Join me?

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30 Mar

birthday fun!

So … my Piper turned ten on Sunday and I wanted to share a couple of things we used to celebrate!

This was her classroom treat …

And these were her birthday invites!

Both items were inspired from things I saw on Pinterest here and here {links to original source}. But of course, I enlisted the help of my fav designer {who happens to be on maternity leave, so be sure to check in on her blog for info on when she’s back in the designing game!}.

I love when something I do from Pinterest actually works for me, cuz, um, I’ve had my share of Pinterest-fails!

How ’bout you? Are you “pin-collector?” Do you try the things you pin? Do they work for you? Have you had any major fails?

Overall, I’m woman enough to admit that I’m thoroughly addicted! Have a great weekend y’all!

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31 Jan

i a-s’more you!

Get it? Or do I have to explain it to you too? Maybe it’s just that my cleverness is lost on the kiddlets?

I’ll explain anyway … :)

I a-s’more you … instead of I adore you. Get it now? And the treat bag is filled with s’more goodies! Clever, huh?

I enlisted the help of uber-designer extraordinaire, Nellie, per usual she didn’t disappoint! Lucky readers, guess what she’s offering up on her blog today? Free vday downloads!

nellie’s blog
nellie’s etsy shop
link to custom listing
link to free vday download

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18 Nov

good morning!


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21 Mar

shadowbox gift :: map hearts

So I have this friend … who has an obsession for maps.  Well … maybe not an obsession, but I know she digs ’em pretty good!  And since I’ve been known to pigeon-hole my friends with gifts that suit their obsessions interests … I created this map shadowbox for Leslie!

Super-duper-easy!  Simply fold up the little hearts in half, double side tape each half to the next … fan out, and double side tape to the 12 x 12 paper.  And then I just added the extra hearts on the side.  Likey?

{oh, and Nellie … be warned, I know your birthday isn’t ’til June, but your gifts are already signed, sealed & delivered … and I’m afraid you’re my next pigeon!}

heart garland & heart punches
shadowbox :: pottery barn
scrapbook paper :: michael’s

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